HAHAHAHA, I´m a wonderfully crazy person.

Well, I made a horrible attempt of Draw my Life, to make it easier, but you can choose to read instead. You can watch the video here:

My name is Paola, I´m 32 years old, currently living in between places.

I was born in Venezuela of a Chilean mother and a Brazilian father. We are a crazy mixed family that loves travelling and living everywhere.
I have listed  the places I´ve been so far in here.
Hehehe #worldcitizens

I have changed careers many times as well. I´ve been an actress, then a flight attendant, interior designer, a dietitian with emphasis in psychology and specialized in Personal Diet and Sport Nutrition, and currently a Master of science student on Molecular Cell Biology.

This unsettling way of life, career, and living is why the blog is called My Unsettling Life.

One thing has been consistent though, writing. I have always loved writing. I´ve been blogging since 2008, but for various reasons had to put away the blogs I had before.

This blog is finally my love child, all the things I love in one place. Travel, decor, food, love and much more.
It is aimed to show how the lifestyle of an intercultural relationship works, with all adaptations and weirdness.

I choose to avoid negativity in any form, and therefor any negative comments or reviews are non publishable here.
My choice was based on the fact that I´m a cancer patient, and to win it is recommended that you surround yourself with positivity apart from the treatment itself.

To contact me for questions, suggestions, opportunities or just to chat, here you will find all the ways to reach me.

I love getting to know people, so please feel free to message me, add me, follow me and whatever. Drop me a few lines so we can get to know each other.


  1. Wow, you're so interesting! (That doesn't sound the best, but I mean that in a very good way :) I love your perspective on positive thinking - that is absolutely so important, and the fact that you recognize that and make it a big part of your blog is really cool!

    1. Thank you!
      I did not see it badly, don´t worry! ;)
      Life has tought me things in the harshest way, so I´m in a place of my life I just want to be happy. And unfortunetly people forget that sometimes.
      Maybe my blog can bring a little of that to them!

  2. Hi Paola!
    I have read your blog several times and always enjoy it. I was recently nominated for the Liebster blogging award. I have nominated you as well! To see what to do go ahead and visit my blog post where I nominated you. http://www.travelingwithroots.com/?p=1119

  3. Really love your blog Paola and look forward to the time when you are able to tell us you are completely healthy again - I believe that time will come because you are so positive.

  4. Love your blog new subscriber.
    would love it if you could join my site too

  5. Sounds like a wonderful blend of interesting things. Look forward to following along ��

  6. Paola, seu blog é incrível! Parabéns... vou acompanha-lo sempre....

  7. Paola, seu blog é incrível! Vou acompanhá-lo sempre...

  8. Hi Paola
    I had followed your youtube Thyroid cancer. Sorry to say I have the same type cancer and was treated with surgery and the radiation. When the Thyroid was removed I also had right lymph nodes removed and the para-thyroid removed. Since the first surgery I have had three more to remove more cancer lymph nodes. The biggest issue I have is feeling hopeless and dont know what to expect. I cry alot and for the 63 year old man that not good. I am married for 45 years and my wife is great putting up with me. I lost my job in 2017 due to the amount of time I needed off and took a early retirement. I now get real depressed that I am no longer needed. I applied for jobs but when the word cancer is said that ends the interview. I spend my time reading others stories and when I read yours it's just like mine. Its a waiting game. My scans and blood work is ok but my thyroid hormones come back at 0.02 and I feel that I just cant go on. I take short walks with my dog and that's it. I have lots of pain from all the cutting on the right side of face and neck. I don't sleep due to pain and pain doctor is trying blocks. I am about to the point of giving up. I go to other doctors and the only thing these other doctors want to do is to get me off the pain meds. I don't think I could handle the pain any longer without the meds. I have liked your videos and to see that you have the same issues and that you have been able to carry on. Good luck in your life and think of me some time.
    I also agree it's not the good cancer and for a doctor to tell you it's the best cancer to get is bullshit, and I can only hope that these doctors get the same type of answers someday.
    Best Regards to all

    Ed Williams
    Apache Junction, AZ.

    1. Ed I am deeply sorry you are going through this!
      I completely understand the sadness, desperation, pain, anger and so on that you are feeling.
      I have also struggled job wise and that's just not fair, specially because this disease was and is completely out of our control.

      I know how tired of it all you are. Just before my last checkup, I cried so much thinking that if I got bad results again, that I wasn't going to be strong enough to handle it. And they were not good. Not the worst, but not good. And I cried so much, I considered even not fighting at all anymore, that I just wanted to let it take over my body so I wouldn't need to suffer anymore.
      Luckily I had my family and my husband with me, that helped me get through it, and so I regained forces to keep fighting.
      I beg you, not to give up! I know how hard it is, but you are important, and you leaving this world will make the people that love you very sad.
      So when you feel you don't have strength anymore, try to think about the people you would leave behind, and how much they would suffer without you.
      I know this is heavy to think about, but it may help you get strength back and keep going!

      Whenever you need, don't feel ashamed to message me. I understand, and I know sometimes a word from a stranger may help.

      Keep fighting!


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