Tips for turning hobby-cooking into a career

What bigger joy is there than being able to follow one’s passion all the way into the work-field? Being able to pursue a career in (and make a living off) what we love doing, can lead to great results. In fact, thanks to today’s always-expanding online community, exploring various hobbies can also bring forth thrilling adventures.

Blogging is a great way to get your voice out there, especially when you’re still figuring out all the last bits and bolts of what you’re going to cook; might as well do it while getting paid!

A great example would be the amateur cooking passions that have evolved into full time careers. Being a diverse discipline that it is, a passion for cooking can lead to many different fields; If you’re a hobby-cooker looking to go pro, or just an average folk looking for ways to spruce up his/her cooking hobby, here are five tips that should help you through the slightly rougher patches!

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Blog it out:

Not only will blogging allow you to express your cuisine-related thoughts, recipes, and opinions, but it’s also a great way to make some extra pocket money. In fact, amateur blogging can start from building a community and can turn into writing food reviews, product placements, and, ultimately, into getting paid to simply review specific products.

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Get creative:

There’s nothing better than looking through photos of delicious, mouth-watering photos of food. Being able to visually associate recipes, ingredients, and plates through a picture is definitely easier than having to go off the top of your head. Not that every single step or detail must be photographed, but including photos in your blog will definitely spruce up your post and draw even the sceptics towards your kitchen. If your dish comes out looking like a scrumptious masterpiece, flaunt it!

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Chef it up:

That’s the thing about passions, you never really think of it as potentially becoming a full-time job. And what better profession to have when one loves to cook, if not a chef? Going from a blog to a cooking school, or taking lessons, would be the right path for those with the more serious ambitions. On the other hand, if you’re looking to settle down in a restaurant close to home, finding a job in a kitchen is not as hard as it seems. Many websites, like, now have a specific search engine that lets the user type in the desired industry and area - Blackpool, for example – and which, within seconds, provides him/her with a list of all the cuisine-related jobs in Blackpool. Cooking for a living sounds too good to be true, and yet so many are already in the kitchen!

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Network it:

Connecting with other fellow cooking friends can only lead to fun. Not only can it bring to cooking in a group, but, when the time comes, knowing there are others you can count on for advice and help is simply a great feeling. And because the cooking world is so vast, knowing that you have chefs as friends may also mean getting their thoughts on your own dishes and recipes; or at least being able to eat well at their restaurants.

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Teach others:

And when you make it big, remember where you started and lend others your expertise! Of course, a great way to help out others would be trying to organise a cooking class, but even just updating your blog with new posts can help your community keep up with you and your new recipes. Not only will those around you see the possibility of an amateur passion providing them with a living, but chances are that you will learn from teaching the group as well.

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Following a passion should always have been the first choice when having to choose a career path. But because life gets in the way, and following a passion is not as straightforward as one might wish, working in the area of passion is not simple. However, because hobbies can be pursued, and because blogs allow you to share anything with the entire world, going from a home cook to a chef is easier than it seems. With the right mind-set, attitude, and persistency, finding the best path to get you into a kitchen should be much easier than you’d think.

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With degrees in Psychology and Literature, Mary is doing what many of today's literature graduates end up doing: freelance writing. With the hopes of one day dropping the "freelance" out of her title, she is currently writing for a number of blogs and sites while travelling the European continent with her laptop/office on her back. Additional interests include graphic design and 3D animations, both of which are in the process of becoming skills and expertise.

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  1. Always good to read tips, I agree with networking! I have met many fab people due to my blog.

  2. Great tips,thanks for sharing this.

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