Design tips to sell your house quicker

Prepping a house to sell can be a stressful, time-consuming task—but it doesn’t have to be. Just a few smartly placed updates can have you on your way to a “sold” sign in no time fast.

For starters, take a good, hard look at your front entry: It’s the thing people see first, and it should shine. Paint it if necessary and add new house numbers and a new light fixture, too. Move onto closets next—clear out the clutter and get rid of more than you think you should. Put your effort into little things like new bath hardware or fresh switch plates, too.

Want more tips to get your house sold quickly? Use the ideas in this graphic.

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  1. Great tips, i may find out useful when i decide to sell my home

  2. Loved it!!!! I need to de-clutter so so much now :)

    1. We tend to accumulate things, so yes, make your life easier!

  3. Love these tips! The design of a house is a huge selling point. I love the graphic.

  4. Nice tips! I love graphics, and pictures they are just much creative than describing in bullet points.

  5. Having helped my in-laws look for a house to downsize into, the closet thing is a big deal! One of the houses we looked at, you could barely get get the door open.


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