Suggestions for wedding dress rental shops

Is it possible to spend little money to wear a famous brand wedding dress? Or spend a quarter of the price for having the dress for 2 days? Yes, wedding dress rental shops are what you want if you desire a beautiful dress but lack the money. If you plan to work at this industry, there a few things you should know.

To open a wedding dress rental store, there are somethings you need to pay attention to apart from decoration and documentation. Below there are some suggestions from practitioners. I hope it can help some friends who plan to or have a store.

1. Variety of products. Even though it is a wedding dress store, if you are sufficiently funded, we suggest you broaden the array of your products, such as bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride dresses, prom dresses, homecoming dresses and etc., because they have greater demand in this market. While these are not frequent buys, they have higher requirements, so broaden on these products and it will bring more business to your rental store.

2. Variety of styles of the same types of products. To save money, you don’t need to have as big of a variety as a typical wedding dress store. As long as you keep yourself up to date with the new products and fashion trends, you just need to know your customers needs. This will save you from spending money on unwanted items and you will make your business much better.

3. Your rates. Prices are always a priority, whether it is a purchase or rental. First you need to find the best quality with the lowest price. If you have experience with importation, you could find some Chinese suppliers to cooperate with you. For the rental price, you can set the price after comparing with your competitors, in general rental price is one-third of the original price.

Choose the suppliers:

On one side you can choose to work with your local factories, on the other you can consider an overseas supplier, specially some China wedding dress factories.
If you choose to cooperate with local factories, the price is clear and you could not have more advantages than your competitors. But if you consider to buy overseas, you can consider Jusere wedding & evening dress Co. Ltd.

Why choose Jusere?

    1. More new styles. Jusere has its own designer team, developing hundreds of new styles each month.
    2. More in stock. Jusere is the one of the largest wedding dress factories in Suzhou. Own two big physical stores and one showcase which displays thousands of wedding dresses. Fast delivery time, help rental stores to get more customers.
    3. No minimum order. Whether one or more, you could send us orders at any time. Compare to wedding dress exporting city Guangzhou, we are more suitable for wedding dress rental stores.

In fact, all above things are just suggestions, you can follow or not. These are all things you need to know if you are planning to open a bridal rental shop.

* This is a sponsored post, written by Devon, edited by Paola Cioppi.


  1. I am happy to report that I did find my wedding dress. However, I still need to get it altered!

  2. This good post, just like what I need it. I'm newlywed. I made my own dress, and it was fun. I've been thinking to make some wedding dresses, to sell or rent. Good post in good timing dear! xx

  3. I am not married or engaged or anything like that (and don't plan on opening a store either), but I think the idea of renting a dress is such a good idea. It means that people can really have their dream wedding dress, even if it is something that would be out of their reach normally. Such an awesome idea. I haven't seen any stores like this around so would be interested to see if this idea takes off.

  4. These are so useful tips for ones who are still looking the dress!

    ♥: Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  5. I think it's a great idea to rent the wedding dress, unless it's a classic piece that could be worn for other occasions.

  6. This is such avoid idea! I didn't think about renting a dress!

  7. I like the idea of rentinf your wedding dress - you can get to wear a luxury brand and you are not stuck witht the dress! Even though my dress does not look like a wedding dress and could wear it still, I feel strange about it

  8. This is fab for anyone still looking for the perfect dress!

  9. That feathery dress is just lovely! There are so many styles and designs.


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