My fitness journey

Can't help to think that I look like Katniss Everdeen by Jennifer Lawrence with that makeup and the face I am pulling... Hehehe

After a while not posting anything anywhere I am back.
I have been going through some issues and so the Internet life took a little holiday. But I am back now, with changes, news and much more.

I was feeling like the blog needed a little piece of me that I have not been showing, which is my degree. I am a registered dietitian, with focus on loads of stuff but mainly sports nutrition and personal dietetics.
You may have noticed that I have lately taken a big toll towards being fit, and so changed my diet drastically and also my exercise routine.
I tried showing a bit of that with weekly vlogs on my YouTube channel, but I still felt it was missing a little information source from me, and a true diary on how the changes affected me.

So I decided that every Monday I will write a post on those.

Today I invite you to watch my YouTube video to hear my explanation of what I am doing, and then I will give you more information:

Recap on the YouTube schedule:

Mondays - Fitness vlog
Wednesdays - Whatever Wednesday - makeup tutorials, cooking tutorials, story time, failed tries ...
Fridays - Story time

Blog's schedule:

Posts will be up at 18h00 everyday:

Mondays - Fitness and lifestyle
Tuesdays - Makeup and beauty
Wednesdays - Decor
Thursdays - Food
Fridays - Travel + email newsletter in the evening

Do you like the new schedules?
Do you have any constructive criticism or ideas to give me?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. You are looking very healthy Paola - very good advert for what you are writing about!

  2. Hey Paola. You're looking lovely as always and keep up the good work

    1. Thank you hun, it is lovely to hear from you again!

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