Visiting Montevideo - Uruguay

When I visited Punta del Este, I only spent 4 days there, so there wasn't much time to see a lot. One of the days we chose to drive up to Montevideo and get to know it quick.

It was about 1h30 drive there and another 1h30 drive back, so we couldn't really spend much time at each place we visited, and on the way from Montevideo, we still wanted to stop at Casapueblo in Punta Ballena. So time was short but we got to see quite a bit.

Our first stop was for a much needed morning coffee at the Punta Carretas mall. Our guide told us that this beautiful building used to a prison before it become one of the most important shopping areas of Montevideo.

Estevez Palace in Plaza Independencia
After that we drove around a few interesting places and stopped at Plaza Independencia, where we got to see quite a few pretty buildings and got to know a bit of history, before the rain came down on us.

Estevez Palace was first where the President of Uruguay would work, then it became a museum with artifacts and mementos of the presidency and office holders.
Palacio Salvo in Plaza Independencia
Palacio Salvo was the tallest building of South America for decades, and it was constructed originally to be a hotel, but ended up being used to offices and private residences.
Teatro Solis in Plaza Independencia
Teatro Solis is the oldest theatre in Uruguay, being built in 1856. It is located in Plaza Independencia which separates Ciudad Vieja (old city) from Downtown Montevideo, even so having a Gateway of the Citadel.

Artigas Monument
At the centre of the Plaza Independencia you will find this monument to Jose Gervasio Artigas, also known as the father of Uruguay. His remains are found under this monument in a dark gallery.

Artigas remains
His remains are in an urn protected by glass and 2 guards that kind of reminded me of the English guards in London (they don't move if you try to make them move).

 After all that, we went to the Mercado del Puerto where you can find typical Uruguayan souvenirs and food. Our main focus on that day was to eat the parrillas, and man where they tasty!

MAM - Mercado Agricola Montevideo
Later we went to MAM (short for Mercado Agricola Montevideo - which is the Agricultural Market of Montevideo).
It is a big structure with lots of food goodies inside, from fruits and veggies to restaurants and kitchen tools.

Later we finished our tour by driving past the Legislative Palace, where the parliament meets, and which I found quite grand and beautiful and wouldn't have minded going in it if we had time.
The Legislative Palace
I hope you have enjoyed this post. I had a great time visiting Montevideo.
Have you ever gone to Montevideo?
Would you visit it?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. It looks like you had a great time :)
    I dream of someday get to South America. For me it is a magic world

    1. Some places in South America are just so worth visiting!

  2. Childhood friends' father was from Uruguay. He was such a sweet guy. Their family took a trip back to "the old country" when they were in high school, and old enough to appreciate their heritage. Beautiful photos and that food stall one looked delicious.

    1. The food was just absolutely gorgeous!
      Uruguayans are really nice!

  3. Oh, now that's not a place I've thought of visiting. But now, I'll have to talk with hubby about it!

    1. Yes do, and if you ever can, you will enjoy it very much!

  4. South America is a place I really want to seee! Freat post!

  5. Palacio Salvo is an impressive building - lots of nice architecture there eh? K x


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