Becoming a Zumba Fitness Instructor

I am pretty sure you have heard of Zumba before, or seen the workout DVDs.
Since I have talked about this before, I thought today I would share with you the real deal of becoming a Zumba instructor.

I will tell you here, my story with it. Lots of people have different stories, but this is mine.

1. Zumba classes

My first step into addiction was going to classes in my local gym. There I learnt what Zumba was and I became a loyal by never missing a class.

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2. Husband caves in

This is the moment I realised I hadn't stopped talking about it to the point that my husband bought me a big set of Zumba workout DVDs, to make me shut up for the days I missed classes.

3. Trying different Zumba classes

Watching videos on YouTube with different Zumba choreographies was my next step, to a point that going to other instructor classes became a curious thing, to see the different styles from teacher to teacher, and the different types of Zumba fitness there are.

4. Instructor incentivates you

Finally it got to a point where my Zumba instructor mentions I would do really well as a Zumba instructor, and that by going to I would get more information about it.
And so the research begins.

5. The decision moment

This is when you decide, right, I want to this, I just need to get a little fitter, gather the money, and then go for training.

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6. Reaching the goal

After 3 months of hardcore cardio and weights training, with a healthy diet to keep me up, I decided I was ready to take the training on.
By this point I knew training would be almost 10 hours of non stop dancing, with a few break in between of course, but I needed my body to handle it. I lost a few kilos of fat and gained quite a bit of muscle in my preparation time.

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7. The training

8. After the training

So just 2 days after my training, I had the chance to go up in front of a massive class and teach 1 song of my own, and after that I stayed all throughout the class of this one instructor dancing along with her. Must I say it was scary?!
I was so nervous I almost threw up after the song. But it was awesome.

9. Booking my own classes

One day out of luck a found a brand new studio, and offered Zumba classes, to my amazement I got accepted and landed my first job as a Zumba instructor.
But I wanted to do more. I wanted to have my own space to teach.

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10. Being self-employed

This is the part of the most struggle.
I looked for village halls to rent for the hour to teach, and it was not easy to find halls with space in a short time.
I eventually did find it, and then the process of paperwork and payments started.
You mustn't forget that I needed to advertise my classes too.

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11. Getting the last few things set

One problem the hall I hired had was that they did not have a sound system. So here, my husband and I go and spend a bit more money to buy our own sound system. Currently waiting for it to arrive.

But most importantly now I had to put together my full 1 hour class. And must I say even though Zumba gives you all the help, it is not easy choosing around 12-14 songs, memorising choreography for all of them, and putting them in an order that won't kill anyone.
It is fun to do it though.

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If you want to know more about my Zumba classes, you can find my zumba website here, and all my classes will be listed there.
My intentions now? Go for trainings of the other types of Zumba and be more zumbalicious than now! Hehehehe.

Would you take my class?
What do you think of Zumba?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. My sister and I have been going to Zumba classes for over a year now, every Thursday and we absolutely love it! So much fun! I'd love to teach Zumba myself x

    1. It is very addictive! If you need any help in knowing more details about becoming an instructor feel free to ask me!

  2. It's so awesome i didn't know you were a zumba teacher. I went to a few classes a few years ago and loved it such a great workout. The meme about how you look vs. how you feel is right on the money. I need to find an affordable local class. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. If you go to, when you type in the location you want, it will list out all classes in that area, and it usually informs you how much the classes are too.

  3. Congrats! That is really exciting! I am toying with getting my personal training and group exercise certifications. I love doing Zumba, have fun teaching.

    1. Thank you so much!
      It is very exciting! I have become a very fitness person because of it.

  4. I love zumba! It's an amazing way to stay motivated without dreading exercise. Amazing!

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