Review of Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino

I will begin by saying this is not a sponsored post, and my review is 100% truthful.

A few weeks ago I had the great opportunity to go to Punta del Este in Uruguay for 4 days. I had never gone there and I got to go to a 5 star hotel - Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino.

My expectation was big, first because of the pictures of the hotel, its' location and all the activities it has like the casino, and the nigh club.
And obviously, when you go to a 5 star hotel, you expect 5 star level, specially when you are paying quite a high price.

Entrance hall into the Hotel
The hotel definitely has a grand feel and look to it, with loads of marble floors, and in general marble decorations. It has quite a modern feel to it mixed with classic roman pieces, which even though they may clash a bit ends up being quite pleasant.

Conference Rooms Hall
Something that I found very pleasant is that all the flowers decorating in the hotel were actual flowers and not the fake ones.
What disappointed me was that such a major hotel with grand decor, was quite unclean. The carpets and sofas were quite stained and dusty, giving an impression that the marble floors were often cleaned but the tapestry wasn't.

Seating area by the gym and pools
Rooms were quite spacious, and every evening we would get little chocolates on our pillows. 
The bedding was nice and white and the curtains were fully working. We had quite nice balconies with seating area too.
The bathroom had the amenities you would expect in which had a very nice smell and feel, but the bathtub looked grimy, the shower taps were loose with pieces of wall tiles missing, and a strong pungent smell coming from the drains.

The casino was a new experience for me since I had never played in one. We got notified that when we started playing at the machines, waitresses would come to us and offer us alcoholic drinks for free all through out our playing stay. 
We thought that would be amazing, until we had sat and played for almost a full hour and all waitresses that had passed us avoided our calls. In a night of gambling we managed to get 1 drink only that was given by a very unhappy waitress.

Outdoor pool and jacuzzi
The view was really nice, but we got highly disappointed when we had booked a room with a marina view and got a side view facing other buildings. Also having booked a bedroom with 1 double bed and another with 2 beds, and ended up getting 2 bedrooms with 2 beds in each - so much for a romantic getaway.

Peer view from the hotel
The hotel had a full gym; indoor heated pool; a spa with hairdressers, massage therapists, and saunas; and a big outdoor pool and an outdoor jacuzzi.
These had really good view and quite cool facilities, but it was weird to see the outdoor pools having a lot of floor tiles missing.

Heated indoor pool
At breakfast we got a bit shaken up because we had steak knives and dinner forks put on the table for us, and you couldn't find easily a spoon to have your cereal or to stir your coffee.
Coffee and tea was not served at the tables for us, that was a luxury only people from a conference got, right in front of us.

Pool with view to the river
Food was quite good tasting at breakfast, tea and dinner, some had some beautiful presentation while others not so much. What shocked us the most was the outrageous price of food for a not such amazing variety and presentation.
Dinner dessert buffet
Overall for a 5 star hotel I got highly disappointed, but I hadn't been to a good relaxing holiday in a long time, so I over saw that and enjoyed my stay as much as I could. I saw beautiful things, tried great things and learnt new things in this short trip, including that if you don't have a good managing system, something grand and awesome can become quite unpleasant.

Entrance to the hotel at night
Have you ever visited Uruguay, or this hotel?
What was your experience?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. I have not been to Uruguay. We had planned a day trip but got lost on the way to ferry in Buenos Aires and literally missed the boat. Sounds like this 5 star hotel needs some better management!

    1. Uruguay is actually quite lovely, and the people too, it's just the hotel to me is more like a 3-4 star because of the flaws.

  2. This looks like such a fun hotel! It seems like there is a lot to do within the hotel and I don't know if I would ever want to leave!

  3. Thanks for the hotel review. It is kind of disappointing when a 5 star hotel doesn't live up to it's grander. But happy you were able to make it a good one for most of your stay.

    1. Yes I agree. But Why would I not enjoy it anyway, it would be silly of me.

  4. Hey Paola. I've never been to Uruguay,. This hotel looks like so much fun. It's just so beautiful.

  5. Wow! Beautiful place! I've never been, but I want to visit South America sometime.

    1. You should, just research before hand if where you are going is safe.


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