Pesto recipe

A little less than 2 weeks ago I posted a very simple but fail proof Homemade Pizza Recipe, and I suggested using as the base of one of the pizzas, some pesto sauce.

Today I bring you the easiest and tastiest pesto sauce recipe. And after you give this one a go you will never want to buy the industrial pesto sauce again, one because of the flavour, and two because it is a lot cheaper to make it yourself.


2 cups fresh basil leaves
3 tbsp toasted pine nuts
2 garlic cloves
1 tsp lemon zest
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup grated parmiggiano reggiano
Salt and pepper


In a food processor or blender, add all ingredients except the olive oil and cheese.

Grind everything and then slowly add some olive oil and blend, add some more and blend, until everything is well combined. This should take you not much more than 2 minutes.

In a container put your basil mix from the blender and add the cheese. Mix it in well.


* If you are not going to use it right away, store it in a plastic container with a lid or a glass jar with a lid.

I hope you like this recipe and enjoy some pesto creations with it.
Leave me a comment letting me know if you like pesto, or if you would try making it and if you have any recipe ideas with it?


  1. Whipped up a massive batch of pesto last weekend, and noticed one of my other basil plants is having one last go before winter kicks in, so will turn that into pesto too. It goes down a treat with soy bean vegan pasta and some slow roasted tomatoes, or even as a spread on a sandwich. I love having it in supply over the winter, its like a little reminder that summer is actually a thing. :)

    1. Totally agree, I used to think it was something hard to make until I made it - now there is no turning back!

  2. Homemade pesto is so much better than bought stuff, even the 'fresh' pesto. I find it's better after a few hours when all the flavours have melded together. GG

    1. Yes. I have let some sit for a couple of days and tried it and it was just beautiful!

  3. Once you make your own pesto you never want to go back to the jarred stuff ever again!

  4. This pesto would be perfect to use with pasta too.I love the vibrant colour.

  5. It's a classic that never gets old!


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