Visiting Casapueblo - Uruguay

Casapueblo is a hotel and museum in Punta Ballena, Uruguay. The name means People's House.
This house was built by the Uruguayan artist Carlos Paez Vilaro in which was originally is house and workshop, but now has become a museum, an art gallery, a cafe and a hotel.

Carlos Paez Vilaro was born on the 1st of November 1923, and died on the 24th of February 2014. He was an abstract artist, painter, potter, sculptor, muralist, writer, composer and constructor.

Casapueblo was built around a wooden house and it's style can be compared with Santorini's houses. Although Carlos referred inspiration on a typical Uruguayan bird called Hornero for the type of construction. It took 36 years to complete.

In the main dome you will find the museum, workshop and cafe. It has 4 exhibition halls which are named after other artists like Nicolas Guillen, Pablo Picasso, Rafael Squirm and Jose Gomez Sicre.

Since 1994, on a terrace of the museum, the Sun Ceremony takes place, in which minutes before sunset, an artist's voice comes up with a recording of a poem.

If you want to see more footage on this trip, check out the travel vlog I made:

To me, this house is very quirky and weird but quite beautiful in it's own design.
I didn't know about this artist but he is very famous and I had a lot of fun visiting the museum.
I specially enjoyed the view it has and the many cats that circle freely there.

Have you ever heard of Casapueblo?
Have you ever been there?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Amazing! Looks so pristine. Hope you had a great time!

    1. It was amazing! I had an awesome time thanks!

  2. This looks like such a beautiful place to visit! Hope you had a lovely time :)

    Rosie x |

  3. Looks that you have enjoyed it a lot! :)

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! Looks like a dream.

    ♡ Dynamic Bohemian

  5. That place looks amazing! Oh, I must add it to my list of places to visit.

    <3: Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  6. Looks beautiful there, definitely a must place to visit for me one day

  7. very beautiful! Imagery is amazing!

  8. Never heard or been there. But it looks absolutely amazing. May be one day i will have the opportunity and money to visit it.

  9. I absolutely loved these pictures and also to know a bit about the place. Despite living in South America, I don't know much about Uruguay :(

  10. Looks very cool! Always love new ideas for things to visit. I love your hair color right now by the way :)

  11. Omg it took 36 years to construct. I think it's worth to visit this place. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. It looks amazing! I would love to stay at such a place <3

  13. Wow! Great pictures. I'm sure it would be a very cool place to visit!

  14. I have never heard of this place before but it is beautiful, I love the uniqueness of the buildings. I am going to have to add this on my list of places to visit, thanks for sharing!


  15. The architecture reminds me of Antonio Gaudi's works. Beautiful :)

  16. Looks like Santorini with the white houses! Beautiful!


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