How to: Add an Instagram tab to your Facebook page

As bloggers, YouTubers, or  business owners, if you use social media to help market yourself, you know how hard it is to keep track of all the social media society asks us to be part of. So if we find a way to unite medias, not only does it help us, but also makes your followers more integrated and involved with you.

Here are three ways of integrating Instagram into your Facebook fan page, in order or easiness:

1. The InstaTab way

- Log into your personal Facebook page
- On the Search bar type "Instatab", a drop down menu will appear
- Choose the option "InstaTab" under Apps
- The page will change to a Facebook page explaining what the app is
- Click on "Install application"
- A new page will show up asking you to choose which of your Facebook pages you would like to link, choose it
- Click on "Add page tab"
- A new page with "Installation progress will appear, just wait until it is loaded
- When it finishes installing it will go back to your Facebook fan page
- Click on "Application settings", it has a gear right next to it
- Type your Instagram name on "Instagram name" field
- Under the field "Default view mode" click to choose the size you prefer
- Click on "Save settings", it will then load your Instagram pictures in whatever size you chose.

2. The Instagram Feed way

- Log into your personal Facebook page
- On the Search bar type "Instagram", a drop down menu will appear
- Choose the option under Apps called "Instagram feed tab for pages"
- A pop up will appear asking you to continue as yourself, click on the "OK" button
- Another pop up will ask if you allow to share your information, once again click the "OK" button
- A new page will show up asking you what fan pages you would like to link, click on your choice
- Click on the "Add Instagram feed tab" button
- You will be requested to log into your Instagram, do so
- A pop up asking you if Instagram can access your information will appear, click the "Authorise" button
- You will now get your Facebook fan page with an advert for you to upgrade to a paying account. You do not need to accept this unless you want to. You will get a button on your page, next to About, Photos, Likes. You can move the Instagram feed tab by clicking the "Manage tabs" under "More" to have it wherever you prefer.
- When you click on the "Instagram feed" tab, your pictures from Instagram should show up.

3. The Individual downloading way

- On your phone, open your Instagram
- Tap on your Profile button
- Tap the Settings (gear icon) on the top right corner of your phone
- Go to Settings section and tap on the "Linked accounts" option
- Tap the Facebook option, a page will open asking to log into Facebook, log in
- A new page will open asking you if Instagram can post to you page, tap on "OK"
- You will be taken back to the Share Settings, tap on the Facebook option again
- There will be a field called "Share to", tap on it
- Advanced permission will be requested, tap "OK"
- It will be back on your Instagram now, giving you the options to choose your Fan page, tap on it
- It is set now. Every time you post to Instagram, it will give you the option of posting to Facebook, and so every time you will have to choose if you want it to be linked or not.

Which way do I recommend? It is easier to load and work with the first method, it also allows users to share your pictures, and comment on them, which helps a lot with engagement of your fans.
You can also opt to work with the three ways at the same time if you prefer.

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  1. This is AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  6. Amazing post Paola thanks for sharing

  7. This is s helpful! I hadn't thought of doing this but I am seriously bookmarking this for my next blog work section and am scheduling this post to share :)

  8. Wow I didn't know that facebook could do that. I love having all my information in one place.

  9. I have done this to my page, its awesome

  10. This is really helpful! It took me some time when I added it to my page

  11. I have done this before and it was really helpful! You should do more tutorials, you're great at it!


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