Makeup brushes, on my want it list

As I have been doing my own makeup for about 9 years now, I have collected a few brushes from random cheap places, and which none really work for me anymore, apart from my big powder brush and my dupe beauty blender.

From watching makeup artists, and normal day to day people do their makeup, I have come up with a list of a few brushes I need massively for my type of need.

Morphe Brushes:

 Morphe G24 - Blending Fluff
I love doing eyeshadows, and it becomes really hard when you don't have a soft blending brush. The eyeshadow becomes more block-y and weird looking.

 Morphe G18 - Round crease
If you love doing a smokey eye look, most of them start at putting a transition colour on your crease, and this one must definitely not look patchy or block-y. My most favourite eyeshadow to do is smokey, so this is a must for me.

Real Techniques brushes:

Blush brush - Amazingly enough I have such rosy face that until not too long ago I had never owned a blush, because no matter what coverage I did, my redness would still show through.
Now I have mastered how to cover that, and now I own a pair of blushes. So of course I need a blush brush to apply it with, ;)

Setting brush - As I have discovered how to hide my redness properly that includes the fact that I need to set my concealer properly, so this is the brush I am looking for to help me out.

Sigma Beauty:

I am not a major contour girl, but when there is an event I love to do the whole shebang, including contouring, blush, highlight and bronzing.
This may not be something I do often, but having the right brush to apply the contour and bronze would make life that much easier.

A little extra:

Real techniques Deep cleansing gel
Now, of course, if you have brushes, you will have to clean them, and to care for your brushes to lost longer, specially when they are good brushes, you will probably want to expend on a focused brushes cleanser. Which obviously I would want too, even though it is not a brush... but it is for brushes. ;)

What brushes do you love and what for?
Leave me a comment letting me know. Who knows, maybe you know a brush I don't know about and will want to have.


  1. I always wondered what brushes were what. I don't wear make-up very often but when I do, I want it to be the best it can be and this will certainly help to accomplish that!

    1. Some brands let you know what brushes are for what, either on the website or on the brush itself. But as long as you use it as you see fit it doesn't matter.

  2. If I could do my makeup I would want these!! Great share!

    1. Thanks! If you give it a try you might be able to accomplish a lot with practice.

  3. I am SOOOOO lazy! I use a sponge applicator for my eyes (on a stick) a pencil for brows and one brush for powder blusher. I love wearing make up and find tutorials fascinating, but don't wear much myself (no foundation or sealing powder) and have no interest in spending more than 5 mins on my face, so I do it quickly and use the same kit I've been buying for over 30 years! (Bad example, I truly am. Lol.)

    1. On a daily basis I also do simple makeup, sometimes just a bit of mascara and lipstick and I am good. But this is for those days you want to look extra special.


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