Ideas for gifting yourself on Valentine's Day

So Valentine's Day is around the corner, and for some of us that means spending some quality time with our significant other, some of us don't celebrate it at all, and some people have really bad comments about it just because they maybe single.

If you are single or not, Valentine's day maybe all commercial and stuff, but think about this:

- Do you take a full day to just stop and show your partner pure and unconditional love? (no chores that have to be done and so on - just love)

- Do you take a full day to just show appreciation to your friends and family?

- Do you take a full day to show yourself love?

Now, if you were completely honest answering the above, no matter how good or happy your life may be, I'm sure you don't actually take at least 1 day in a year to not worry about anything, not chores, due dates, work, if you forgot something and so on... A day were you are 100% happy and positive and you involve yourself with all the goodness in the world.

With the life we are carrying nowadays I find more and more difficult for anyone to just sit back and relax for 1 full day per year.
And this is why I see Valentine's day as an important date.
I don't see it as I have to be with someone on that date, or I have to attend to my partner, or any of those obligated media installed feelings.
It is important to me that I make an effort that this 1 day of the year I will see everything for its' beauty, I won't waste time being angry, or annoyed, I won't spend a thought on duties.
Valentine's day for me equals SELF LOVE.

Bearing that in mind, while getting my husband some gifts and programming a nice date, I thought:
"You know what, me, myself, Paola, I haven't shown her much love. She has gone through many ups and downs in her life, and for over a year fighting like a mad person a stupid cancer. She has achieved so much, she is strong, beautiful, and loved by others, but I have not shown her love, even though I am probably the one person that loves her the most"
When that came to mind, I was so shocked about my negligence towards myself that I decided this year I wasn't only going to show my husband that love, I was going to show myself too.

So I rummaged through he Internet, and decided I wanted to get myself a nice piece of jewellery I would wear basically on a daily basis that would remind me of my love for myself.

And here are a few gorgeous items I found that you can gift yourself on this Valentine's, if are or not single, if you celebrate or not the date.

Self Love Find Love Wings of an Angel Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace Pink

To Thine Own Self Be True Handstamped Necklace by SimplySweetHome

Everything happens for a reason / Be true to yourself / Inspire. Evolve. Create. Love. Heal. Cherish / Today Is a blessing, live for the moment 

Know Your Worth // Worthy // Self Love // Know Yourself // Know Thyself // Self Esteem // Boho Jewelry Handstamped Necklace // Mental Health

Mobius Necklace "To thine own self be true"

Hamlet, Act one (I), Scene 3 (iii), Line 78 (78) = "To thine own self be true". By Kathy Grantonic (kgrantonic) of Just Sayin' Customizable Fine Silver Jewelry

Art Earrings with Meaning Love Who You Are Girl by LadyArtTalk

Treat Yo Self Brooch!

Remind yourself

Palas Love Yourself First Charm

What do you think of these?
Will you gift yourself?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Sweet and thoughtful post. Thank you and enjoy your Valentine's Day!

  2. Honestly, I think that there is no person in the world who does not love him/herself! So, for the Valentine's Day, first of all it is me to receive a present from me:) Love your post!

  3. What lovely self gifts. I love the simple round pendant.

    1. I also love that one. I will let you in a secret, I got myself something very similar. hehehehe


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