How to save money on groceries - the simple way

I have seen TV shows, and many articles on the Internet going on and on about how much you can save in groceries if you do coupon collections.
But the real deal is, how can you save money on groceries, without couponing, with a busy life, and still keeping your meals healthy?

Let's be real and simple!

1 - Meal plan

This is THE most important of all tips. If you stop for a few minutes once a week, and decide exactly what you will make everyday of the following week, you will end up not expending in unnecessary things.
Keep in mind days that you will be out to eat, how many times per day you eat - it being meals and snacks - how much time you have, and how much space you have too.
Make a list of only the items in the exact quantities you will need, and only shop for those.

2 - Shop at the right place

Sounds obvious but it's not. First thing you have to figure out is which convenience store closest to you is cheaper, or have more sales - That is the store you will go for your main shopping.
Second, separate items, for example, buying fresh veggies and fruits is always cheaper at local farmer's markets than a store. The more you can buy at a farmer's market the cheaper is going to be.
For the same amount of veggies and fruits, my husband and I used to expend about £30 in a store, and they would go off really quick, until we started shopping for them at farmer's market, now we spend about £10-15.

3 - Plan your meat

Meat will always be the most expensive item in grocery shopping. Most people tell you to go vegetarian, or go days without meat all together to save up money. But the real deal is, if you want to keep a proper healthy lifestyle, you need meat, and quite a bit of it.
So if you plan exactly how much meat you will need you should not buy in excess. Also if you buy the meat at local farmer's it will be a lot cheaper.
For instance, we bought a 2 kg gammon piece with a farmer, that it had cost us like £3, while if we went to buy the exact same at the store, we would have paid around £10.

4 - Buy in bulk

If you have the space, buying large quantities of something that either doesn't spoil, or that you can freeze without it loosing flavour, that will save you up money.

5 - Sales

When a food goes on sale it is usually because it is getting close to the valid date, which would implicate in you having it right away. But if you freeze it, before it's do date you will extend it's life for quite a while.

6 - Store properly

When you store things properly, you will always see them, which will then always remind you to have them, and nothing will go to waste.
If you just throw things in the fridge or in your pantry, you will forget about them, because they are hiding behind or under something else.

7 - Keep your kitchen clean

Sounds silly, but if you keep your kitchen and fridge clean, you will least likely have mold in the air to infect your food making it rotten before time.
Also a clean kitchen will motive you to cook, which will then save you money with ordering food or going out to eat.

As a registered dietitian I have loads more tips about this, and will be posting in the next few weeks about it.
This way you can save more and more money.

Did you like my tips?
Do you have any tips yourself?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Good useful post, some great tips :)

    Gem x

  2. There's no question that we all want to stretch our grocery budget further, and this advice definitely helps us do it. I hadn't thought about the clean kitchen issue. Mine is always clean, but its impact on food spoilage was new to me.

    1. I know, when I was going to dietitian uni I was shocked with some things we learnt. Specially after you see it under microscope! :0

  3. Thanks for these tips. I'll have to check out some farmers markets..

  4. Thanks for these tips. I'll have to check out some farmers markets!


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