5 Tips for saving money on cleaning products

If we have a home, it being rented, shared or our own, we have to keep in mind house cleaning, even if we are not fond of it.

With experience and a bit of research I came up with this post that lists very easy and simple things we can all do to save up money and make our lives easier when it comes to cleaning.

1. Multitasking Products

We tend to expend so much money on different products for each area in our house, and it ends up being a waste of money, mainly because all cleaners have at least a double use.
You don't need to have a window cleaner, counter top cream cleaner, stove cleaner and etc for your kitchen. Reduce to All-Purpose cleaners, and you will end up expending a lot less already.

2. Mild Dish Soap

A mild dish soap is one of the best all purpose cleaners, it will take care of pretty much anything in your house, without damaging the surfaces, and it actually gets rid of the dirt.
Dish soap can be used as a stain remover on clothes, window cleaner, surface areas cleaner, carpet stain remover, to wash fruit and veggies, and etc.
My tip is to dilute it with water for normal clean, and concentrated for the stains. And choosing a soap that has lemon added to it will make it easier to clean the awful sticky grimes.

3. Make your own Cleaners

This sounds very demanding of time and craftiness but it is actually quite simple. And you will save up a lot by doing so.
Vinegar is an all-purpose cleaner, baking soda is great to unclog any area that needs a mild abrasive, and lemon is a natural bleacher apart from smelling nice and fresh.
Use them with a bit of water, or depending on your need, concentrated and you will save some money right there.

4. Buy Store Brands

We rely on the big brands we have known all our lives, and yes they maybe great products, but because of the brands name, they over charge us.
Most store brands are actually the exact same product of the big brands, either because they have the same formulation, or because the big brand actually manufactures the "no name" product exactly the same as their own.
So save up money by choosing store brands instead of the big names on the market.

5. Do not spray the cloth, spray the surface

Sometimes when we are cleaning, we tend to spray the product on the cloth we are using, and then attack the surface with it. This way, more product is being wasted onto the cloth and not actually being put to use, and you will need to spray more times to clean the same surface, so you end up wasting product on the cloth for no good reason.
Therefore, spray your product directly where you want it to act, then you put your cloth to it to spread it around.

Now that you know my little secrets, you can hopefully save up some money to use in other more interesting endeavors.

Do you have any other secrets we can use?
Leave us a comment letting us know.


  1. I like that about spraying the surface... I didn't know that - and I have been spraying the rag all this time. Also, my niece swears by her own detergents she makes herself! Saves her lots of family and there are a one-income family. Another thing I do sometimes is "dilute" the cleansers with water to make them last longer. Thanks for these great tips!

    1. Well, there you go, maybe this will help you take more advantage of your product now!

  2. I have made my own cleaner which has saved me lots of money.

  3. Great tips - I definitely want to look into making my own cleaning products this year. And in terms of the cleaning materials - such as rags, sponges, and even the cleaning products themselves, I would definitely recommend looking at your local dollar store for cheap options. I bought all my cleaning products/materials at Safeway when I first moved into my place, and the next day I went to the dollar store and found every single product I had just bought for about 80% off - just off-brand items.

    1. That is true. The exact same product that you pay 3 or 4 times more for at normal shops you can find easily at dollar / pound stores!

  4. There's some great stuff here Paola! I've been using dish soap for a long time as a multi-purpose cleaner so it was nice to see it here!

    1. In my bedroom, I use a window cleaner not only for windows, but also to dust, polish, and clean most things. Great to clean your cellphone for example.

  5. I tried vinegar and it leaves smears on all our glass tables, plus hubs doesn't like the smell! At least I tried! ;-)

    1. Yeah, I don't know if I would use vinegar for see through things, but its great for counter tops, and others. The smell is definitely a thing I don't like either.

  6. We tried vinegar but hubs doesn't like the smell and it left smears all over the glass tables. :-(


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