5 Essential things to keep in mind when travelling

Short flights are always easy to endure, but what about the long ones? The ones that last more than 6 hours, like Dubai to New York for 14 hours, locked in a tight space, in economy... Oh the dread.

As a flight attendant, long flights for me while working were a piece of cake. You would fly for 10 hours and not even feel it because of all the work you are doing, all the moving around and of course because you have that separated seat with awesome leg room.
The big issue became when I stopped working as a flight attendant. Even short flights became difficult to go through. And it got harder as I started long distance dating, doing 12 hour flights more often than you can imagine.

The good thing is that I have learnt tips from both sides, on how to make the long journey much easier.

1. Dress comfortably, but not scummy

Sounds obvious, but people tend to think that comfortable clothing is equivalent to very scummy looking clothing, and as a passenger and a flight attendant I implore you to please mind what you will wear. No one is obligated to see your underwear, or smell your stinky shoes, or see parts of your body that were only meant to be seen at a beach or in the bedroom.

Women: wear things like leggings, a loose top, bring a sweat shirt or a jersey, trainers or loose fitting boots.
Men: wear a normal, slightly loose pair of jeans, socks, trainers, a normal t-shirt and also a sweat shirt or jersey.

Why: Comfortable clothes will leave you space to bloat up during the flight without hurting you, and you won't feel imprisoned to relax even when sitting.
Do remember as well that when you arrive at your destination, you will be judged by the police on what you are wearing, the worst you look, more they will think you are trafficking something or up to no good, if you dress decently they will judge you more like a normal person.

2. Bring a small cabin bag, but not a full size bag

First of all, there are limits of size of cabin bag allowed to be brought in the air plane, so keep that size in mind.
Second, air planes are not built to fit 1 cabin bag per person. I know, it is screwed up. So avoid possible issues of you having to disembark your cabin bag because it is either too big or the cabin is too full to carry more.
Third, flight attendants hate having to tell a passenger that their bags are too big, or having to put them up in the overhead bins, or elsewhere. The weight lifting amazingly enough is not part of their job description, and they only do it to make you shut up. But trust me, if you get on the bad side of a flight attendant they will not make an effort to make you feel special. They will treat you with everything the company has told them to do, but they won't try their hardest to please you more. And you might get the really mean flight attendant that will purposely do bad things to you.

What to pack in a cabin bag: Passport, and any important documents you have to carry, any kind of tech-y or expensive item that you did not want to pack in your dispatched bag, toothbrush and small toothpaste. Things that will make your flight more comfortable but not in excess.

3. Stretch your legs, but don't get on the way.

First, never, I mean NEVER get out of your seat when the seat belt sign is on. The probability of you getting hurt is massive, and it will not be counted as the airline's fault. You were the one that neglected the warning sign.
If the attendants are doing the meal service, don't try to go to the toilet or change seats or grab stuff in you bag at this time. They have a limited amount of time to do the service, even if it is a long flight. Also it is not easy for you or the attendant or the other passengers to keep moving to let you through.

When: the seat belt sign is off, there is no service happening. That is the perfect time to walk around the cabin, go to the toilet, and yes, you will get the cues of people by the toilet, but that's when you can chat to attendants or passengers to get rid of some of your boredom.

4. Drink lots of water

The cabin air is highly dry, and it will not only dry your skin out, but also your body.
If you don't like water, at least have juices and other liquids.
Avoid having alcoholic drinks, sodas, and caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea. Why?! They will dehydrate you quicker, and they won't make your thirst go away.

What to do: Have some of the drinks you like, but not a lot, and try to top it up with loads of water to keep you hydrated. This way you can enjoy what you like but also keep the dryness away.

5. Avoid feeling unwell

If you get drowsy or don't feel well in general in flights, I recommend taking some drowsiness medication before you board the flight. That will help you fall asleep, and you won't feel the time going by or feel nauseous.

If your ears tend to get blocked, get yourself some chewing gum, that will help keep your ear unblocking easily.

If you have an specific condition, take your medication on board with you this way it will ease things up for you, and if anything is to happen to you, at least flight attendants have a good chance of helping you out with it (this is for things like, blood pressure medication, asthma, convulsions and etc.)

What did you think of my tips?
Did I give you a better insight of how to be comfortable and still not annoy your fellow passengers and flight attendants?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree with number one. You don't have to dress down for a comfortable ride. We just have to be mindful of what's comfortable. :)

  3. I am actually using all those tips except the one for drinking water. That means a lot of trips to the toilet and if i'm between people it's such a hassle :/

    1. Well yes, that is true. I did forget to mention that, hehehhe.

  4. I loved your tips! :D A very good and informative post :) Have a nice day! <3

  5. really good tips ! specially drinking a lot of water ! but wait ? am I the only one who needs to have my hair straighten before or they get super curly ?

    1. Interesting, if I go in with puffy hair I come out with the slickest and straightest hair ever... I guess that depends from one person to another.

  6. Good tips! The "drinking water" one was quite funny as I thought of myself when I've done that and I was sitting on the seat right next to the window and always had to ask for permission to go the bathroom like 3 times in a 2 hour flight hahaha.

    Also, by mistake and because of 3Am didn't notice my ripped sock and I had to take my shoes of at the security and noticed that there ooops!

  7. I agree with all your point completely! especially the comfy dressing, its so helpful. everything in moderation isn't it, very good post xx

    1. Exactly! If you come with the tightest clothing and highest heels will also not be good at all!

  8. I used to only wear hoodies & sweatpants when I traveled but lately I've been trying to dress more stylish, especially because it becomes annoying having to immediately change when you want to go explore.

  9. I've only flown three times in my whole life, but this post is a keeper as I know I will be traveling one day!


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