What are the best lighting for each room

First of all when thinking what kind of lighting to put in each of the rooms of your home, you have to understand what types there are and where they would be suited best.

Types of Lighting

Ambient lighting
Soft overall illumination that provides comfort.

Task lighting
Well placed for work areas, in positions that will avoid shadows, glare, and eye strain.

Accent lighting
Highlights a specific point int he room, like a painting, or other decoration piece. This kind of light should be at least 3 times more intense than the usual lighting of the room.

What kind in what room?

Take from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/554013191636212408/
Halls and stairways
These areas are highly circulated, and usually don't receive a good outside source of light.
To keep these areas nicely lighted every 2,5 meters to 3 meters should have lights.
The type you should to use doesn't really make a difference here, because it is not a space you will spend a lot of time in.

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This is one of the most used areas of the house, and it is a work area, so it needs the best lighting possible, usually a mix of ambient and task lighting.
In a kitchen smaller than 10 meters squared it requires 2 lamps of T5 Fluorescent kind. In a kitchen up to 15 meters squared it requires 4 of those lamps.
Apart from that you should have a track light over the sink area, and additional lighting under or on top of the cabinets to avoid shadows.
A specific work surface or dinning area should have a specific light too, usually a pendant hanging light which should be placed 40 to 60 cm above the table you will work on.

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Living area
The preferred lighting here is the recessed  low voltage, GU10 or LED down lighters.
Adding flush ceiling or decorative fluorescent lights help providing ample lighting.
Also using recessed, track or cable lighting helps the room come alive for the functions you want.

Taken from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/540924605215957313/
Dinning area
This should be a mix of ambient and task lighting.
Having a main light being a chandelier or pendant along with recessed wall lights will give off the amount of light you need and it creates the illusion of a large space.
Also 4 adjustable halogen recessed down lighters around the dinning table supplements the light from the chandelier and will bring out the brilliance of it.

How is the lighting in your house?
Could you make it better, or have you got a nice illumination?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Oh you've got some lovely inspiration - I love, love those dining room lamps there (sigh). Thanks for your lighting tips, very helpful!

  2. lighting is very important in a room to create the right feeling.

  3. This is a really interesting post! I always forget how important lighting is, but it can completely change my mood sometimes. I especially love having bright natural lighting in my work space and soft & warm lighting in my bedroom.

  4. I went through so many options when renovated/rebuilt our home. Budget was an issue. Lighting is much cheaper to add at build stage, so we indulged in some areas. We chose some skirting lights for the kitchen. I like them. Hubs thinks they're rather bright. If we'd had unlimited cash I'd have done a LOT more than we did. Hey ho. Next time!

    I'm not a fan of flourescent lighting for anywhere other than a workshop. I don't think I'd put them in for myself, even then. I'm just a fan of warm/low lighting. We installed lots of dimmers to accommodate my witchy needs. Lol.

  5. It's amazing what a difference lighting makes to a room. I love it in the evening having the light from the fire, a few candles and a few well placed soft glow lamps. Lovely.

    1. oh yes, burning candles is a great mood lighting i love!!!!!!!!

  6. Interesting post. I'm still trying to decide what lighting to put in our bedroom. I like the thought of soft lighting but also know I love to read in bed....decisions, decisions!

    1. why not a soft main light but then bed side lamps with good strong lighting for your reading needs?!


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