The absolute essential apps for travel

With today's technology it is silly of us if we don't incorporate it to our lives to help us even in our fun moments.
I am not saying that you must be the anti social person glued to your mobile while you have people around you to interact with. I am talking about using it to the right level.

When you travel, you have to keep in mind a whole bunch of things, and you might end up writing it out on pieces of paper, or a whole bunch of lists and then get lost in all of it.
Why not simplify your life by having a few essential apps on your phone so you can easily have access to all your important things for your trip?!

After some research I managed to find a list of what I think are the essential apps everyone should have before they go on a trip. I also kept in  mind to list all free apps. Why? Well, I just like free apps. Hehehehe


We get caught in the situation of what to pack, how much of what to pack, did I pack that already, last minute packing - did I forget anything?
To avoid that I came across an app called Trip List.

This is not only help you make all your lists and easily tick off what has been done, but also notifies you of due dates and deadlines for your trip.

Cost? Free.

Flights, hotels etc.

For me if I can have 1 app that does it all it would be the best, we don't quite have that yet, but close.
Trip it is an app that hold together you flight details, hotels, car, maps, and directions in one place. You can even post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from it too.

Cost? Free of course.


We all know about Google translate, but did you know there is actually an app of it?
Yes, and you can use it by typing in what you would like translated or use the speaking option to translate the phrase. It has 58 languages in text and 23 in speech.

Cost? Another freebie.


We tend to sometimes over spend, or go crazy and loose track completely of how much we have and are spending. So an app that can keep track and organise your finances, be on the lookout of your budget is great. Mint is great for it, specially because it is not a dangerous app, your accounts will not be touched by it since it does not have access to them, all it has access is to show you what has been moved and used.

Cost? Niente.


Oanda is updated daily with rates for more than 190 currencies, it keeps the frequently used currencies on a quick access for you and has a very easy interface to type in the amounts you would like converted.

Cost? Nada.


I must say that this is by far my favourite of all travel apps.
Of course when you are travelling you will need to eat, and Foodspotting will help you out with finding all the types of foods you would like to have.
The best part of it? It has pictures, glorious pictures!

Cost? Nothing.

So what do you think?
Do you know any other apps you think are essential to have for travelling?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. I don't have much of an opportunity to travel much... but this is great information... and yes I am that lady with all the "paper lists"! But these apps sound so much easier and more helpful! Thanks!

    1. Yes, even for normal lifestyle you can use them!

  2. I don't too much download apps. I'm a huge music person so I like to save space. I also use my notepad/ google docs like crazy lol
    I think these sound super helpful especially if your travel often. I think the best would be the packing app. I always make lists of things to remember and almost always leave something off the list.
    Do they make list item suggestions or does it just keep track?

    1. some of these apps do come with suggestions, most of them do actually.

  3. LOVE these ideas - however, when I travel over seas... I don't have much WIFI so I cannot use a lot of these apps! WOMP! I would love to use the FOOD ONE (I use Yelp a lot)... But again, it's difficult with the lack of wifi! As for traveling around the states - THESE KICK BUTT!

    1. I also think the food one is my favourite hehehehe

  4. free apps are the best and i love using apps when i travel. i'm really interested in checking out the food spotting app

  5. Thanks Paola, these are brilliant apps. I particularly like the idea of the food app.

  6. These are awesome! I travel all the time and clearly I wasn't utilizing all the apps I need to be. Thanks so much for sharing.

    All the Best,
    Allison |

    1. Hopefully you will take some advantage out of this post then!

  7. Thanks for these tips ! Will defo be checking them out especially the currency converter.

  8. Not a traveler yet but when I am...these are coming along!! Great info

  9. These are great choices girl! They will come in handy with my upcoming Greece trip. And your blog looks lovely <3 Keep up the good work.

    xoxo, Donyelle

  10. Many years ago, I created a number of travel pack lists for different types of trips Paola. I'm nothing without them! I don't have these Apps but the language translator would definitely be useful! Thanks.


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