Review of 2015

This year has been quite interesting, full of ups and down and as I did last year I decided to list the major things that happened to me.

- The highlight of my year, I got married! - It was beautiful! ;)

- Travelled to Bournemouth on Valentine's Day
- Went through Radioactive Iodine Treatment

- Helped my man doing our bathroom and my closet renovation.

- Went to my first Blog conference - Blogtacular
- Bought a new laptop for work

- Awesome mark, the first payed job for the blog happened.

- Travelled to Durdle D'or
- Went to my first Comic Con

- Went to a second blog conference, in which I won the ticket to by writing a good phrase - Blogstock
- Went to a third blog conference, which I also won the ticket with writing - Food Blogger Connect

- Had a photo shoot for the blog
- Got nominated as top 5 best travel blog of the year by Blogging Edge
- Found out my cancer was back and more aggressive than before - went through second surgery (
 cancer tumours removed)

- Had my first typical English Christmas and New year celebrations.

How was your year?
Did a lot of things happen?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Wow, you had a great year, Mine had a lot of ups and downs, But this year we are off to a great start. I can see lots in the forecast.

  2. Ditto, I also went to my first Comic Con. This is a really nice way of recording your year and I'm going to check out the blog conferences. Are you going to any this year?

    Wishing you wonderful health, happiness and a fantastci blogging year.


    1. I am not sure yet if I'm going to any blog conferences this year, if I do I might try different ones. I'm not sure though because I will be going back to Brazil more frequently this year for my treatment.

  3. sounds like a pretty special year ! Congrats on everything.I wish you enough for 2016 x

  4. I like how you list your biggest events of the year! That is a cool idea!

  5. What a wonderful year! Congratulations by the way!! May your years be blessed and many!


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