Our paper wedding anniversary gifts

A few days ago I wrote a post on ideas for first year anniversary gifts, but I didn't tell you what I was actually going to do for my husband because he reads the blog and I didn't want him to find out before hand, and obviously I didn't tell you what he did for me because I did not know. 

Yesterday it was our anniversary, Yay!!!
I also wrote a post on places to go for the first anniversary. We couldn't afford travelling but we went somewhere close by. And we celebrated by going to Wookey Hole Cave, and then for dinner at the restaurant we celebrated our wedding day in.

Now first thing is first, we had decided we wanted to follow the traditional list of anniversaries, and so the first year is PAPER, while the modern version is CLOCK. But my husband was cheeky and did both - hehehe.

Let me show you what we got:

My gifts were simple, I got him a nice A3 artway case for him to put his drawings and creations in, and so he can take them wherever he wants to. Yes I know, this isn't paper, but it is FOR paper! Aha!
Second I got him a pretty little glass wedding certificate box, again, not made of paper, but for a very important piece of paper in our lives.
And finally I got him a card, and inside I wrote our vows. Ah, I also filled the card with tiny little hearts and champagne glasses and stars made of shinny paper. There is also some of them inside the certificate box - I just thought it gave it a extra little cuteness.

His gifts to me were absolutely incredible. First of all, he made me completely from scratch the clock there, it has the date we got married and the date of our 1st anniversary, it is a working clock, and the dates at the top change (there are enough days for the next 4 years to come). At the top you can see the number 1, and at the bottom there is a drawer. Isn't it amazing?
Anyway, he also gave me a beautiful card, a daily mood calendar thing with funny emojis, and a little book that in each pages he has written what he loves about me.
Cute isn't it?

Then, we got these gifts from my sister in law and her husband.
It is a gorgeous cardboard trunk with leathery handle, which has designs outside and inside. For me in specific a cupcake decoration set, for my husband a little book of insults from Shakespeare's works, and for both of us that paper desk organiser.
Super lovely, right?!

We also got this sweet gifts from my mother in law. It is a cardboard box shaped as an antique book, for keeping recipes, with some cute little paper for writing the recipes on, and a gorgeous card.
Don't you just love it? I do!

Finally because we spent the day at Wookey Hole, we also took some pictures there and had them printed out for our amusement, as a memory and it is paper!

So this is what we did and got, do you like it?
Do you think I should do a post just on my husband's clock?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. What lovely gifts. I love the clock

    1. Can you believe my husband made that clock from scratch?!

  2. This is a great idea and I love your gifts! Yes, do a post on that clock! It looks great!

  3. This is so cute and sweet. I love it! I want a book with things someone loves about me... maybe I'll write it about myself lol

    1. The best person to write it for you is definitely yourself. There is no one you can trust as much, and that loves you that much too!

  4. What amazing gifts! For paper my husband made me a thing to keep all the cards we write back and forth to eachother. Hand made gifts are great!

    1. Completely agree, hand made are the best. I am just not crafty at all. Everything I try to make looks crappy. So I resort to buying thoughtful already made gifts.

  5. Wow Paola what wonderful gifts!!! I didn't even know the first anniversary was paper or clocks... I only know the big ones... How adorable that he hand made a clock for you... Awe wonderful!!

  6. Paola, the gifts are beautiful!! It's always so nice we others take time and put thought into our gifts. It looks like the two of you did just that! LOVELY!


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