Monday, 11 January 2016

First year wedding anniversary gift ideas

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On the 24th this month, my husband and I will be reaching our first milestone - our 1st wedding anniversary.
I cannot believe it has gone this quick, it almost feels like we just got married a few days ago.
And as you may know, anniversaries come tied to celebrations, and we are very eager to celebrate our marriage.

Nowadays you can find a few different lists out there indicating what type of anniversary it is - there are traditional and modern lists, and from country to country they may also vary.
We have decided to stick to the traditional list, and since we live in the UK, whatever is followed here.

Now this list below, is a great simple guide of the years and not only the traditional and modern themes but also what kind of flowers are related to each year.
Taken from:

So here I am to list out a few ideas for gift giving on the 1st anniversary, some ideas in which I had myself, some in which I will do, and some that I found on the Internet and thought it was cute.
These ideas are good for either one in the relationship, very unisex.

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 Anything framed really. Either how long you have known each other for, or a picture of the beginning of the relationship and one of now, your wedding vows written and framed, your wedding invitation framed, your wedding certificate framed, a poem you have written for him/her, a map with the location you have met or gotten married or both. Ideas for framed items are endless. And to be honest I love them all. It is very romantic and sweet and you can see it always wherever it is.

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 Being on a budget is something very common, but that doesn't mean you can't be romantic, sweet and even uplifting with your gift. Making a simple jar with little love notes you wrote yourself in it, or affirmations, or little poems. Or even a little game in which each note could be a piece of a picture or a piece of a letter, that each time is drawn out has to be put on a cork board so by the end of the jar, your lover has to put the pieces together and see the final result (I just came up with that idea ;) )
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 This will take a bit of concentration on your part to make the box work, but it is very simple and easy, as long as you cut the cardboard or paper you use in a cross you just need to glue on each facet what you want fold it up and make a cute little box with memories inside. You can even add a little gift to be placed in the centre of that box.

Taken from:
 Now, this is a funny idea for a fun couple and which I thought it was great. A toilet roll. Hehehe.
I have nothing more to say, this is more of a fun gift but still quite cool. Be careful though if you aren't a typical funny couple your partner may not enjoy getting only that as a gift.

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 I think this is absolutely cool, and incredibly romantic, but very intricate, because you need to come up and program 12 dates, one for each month, you could even do 12 little written notes one for each month instead of dates, or 12 little gifts for each month.

Taken from:
 I find this idea really cute, having a picture of your wedding day surrounded by a written text, that could be the lyrics to your first dance song, or your vows, or a poem you have written to each other.

Taken from:
 This is sweet, funny and useful. Imagine in one of those scratch cards you manage to actually get something out of it, and something big?! You can easily find sweet mugs or even mugs that say 1 year anniversary on them specially on Amazon to be the base.

Taken from:
And finally this is something I would probably do always, I love scrap booking and I love putting pictures, letters and little keepsakes together in a book form. The only thing is this takes a long time to put together nicely, and if you are like me that your husband is always seeing you it may become difficult to work on it hiding it from him.

There are other ideas, like if you don't want to frame your wedding certificate, you can make or buy a little box for it, or if budget is really low you can make a card with something sweet written in it, or get tickets to a movie / event / show / trip. You can make an intricate origami, or a post-it surprise (you write sweet things on post-its and glue them in a heart shape on the bathroom mirror), or make little paper hearts and sprinkle them on the bed, have some flowers waiting for him/her.
And then the obvious like give them a book, a photo album, a notebook, a sketch book, or a gift card for a bookstore.

Paper is a hard year to think of gifts, specially if you want your gifts to be useful apart from romantic.
But I think I tackled quite a few ideas and that should make it quite easy for you.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, if you had your first anniversary already, what did you do?
If you haven't, are there any ideas you have that we could use?

Leave me a comment letting us know.


  1. I love the list above. They are truly great ideas

  2. I love the box of dates! How creative... I also love framing wedding vows and special things like that - that is so sweet! These are great ideas and congratulations on your first wedding anniversary!

  3. Such lovely ideas! I'm getting married this year and can't wait to start celebrating our 'new' anniversaries.

    1. Congratulations! I hope you have a beautiful wedding, and wonderful marriage!

  4. These are perfect ideas! I especially love the 52 reasons why I love you mason jar full of love notes, and the year of dates in a box - so creative and special. :)

  5. What a fun idea!!! Even if you didn't send it, I can think of other fun ways to use this idea at home with my kids. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

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  8. SO many great ideas!! My dad would love that pour over - that's an awesome gift!!

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