2016 New year's resolutions

Happy New Year to you all!!!

Last year I wrote a post with my new year's resolutions. And now that same time comes back to review this past year.

My list of Goals for 2015:

- Fight off cancer
- Get married
- Make my own UK friends
- Drive in the UK
- Get my passport
- Attend a blog conference
- Do a blogging course
- Get a job
- Gain money with the blog
- Go for dance classes
- Get toned and weigh no more than 58 kg, and maintain it
- Start searching for our own place

What happened and what didn't:

- Yes and No, I have been fighting cancer off, but my journey of ups and downs in it hasn't finished yet.

- Yes, I did get married, and now about to complete our first anniversary.

- Yes, I actually have started making my own UK friends. It is amazing how much harder it is to make friends when you don't work at a space with other people, or go to school or something like that. But I am managing.

- Unfortunately I am still not driving in the UK. That is completely dependent on my residency here, which has not come through.

- Another unfortunate. My passport was due to be ready in October, but delays have pushed it to maybe half of this year.

- I didn't just attend 1 blogging conference. I got to attend 3. Which was great.

- I did do a blogging course, I got a bit disappointed with the course I payed specially when I did right after a free course and that was much more productive.

- Once again, getting a job depended on my passport and residency, and so that was another no.

- Yes, I did gain money with the blog, not a lot, but it is a starter.

- I did go for dance classes. I went to a ballet class for around a month and a half, and then I got to go to Zumba classes and Fit Steps classes, which I still go to.

- Well weight was a big up and down. At the beginning of the year I was weighing 56 Kg but had no muscles. Gained weight up to 62 Kg, without muscles as well. Then I managed to go down to 60 kg with muscles, and right now weighing 61 kg without muscles again.
Having thyroid imbalances makes maintaining weight so much harder.

- We have not started looking for our own house because once more, while I can't work we can't afford going off by ourselves.


Amazingly enough I managed to do half half. Half yes and half no (well, 54% was yes).
That is not too bad for a long list of resolutions that I had. My biggest issue was to list things that did not depend on my own doing.
So learning that let's see if the resolutions for this year I manage to keep within myself and do better than 54%.

My list of goals for 2016:

- Keep fighting cancer and get closer to the end of it.
- Have a happy marriage.
- Do an English language course or a computer programming course, or marketing.
- Get licensed to teach Zumba.
- Get very fit and manage to stabilise my weight fluctuations.
- Increase my blog and start making a living with it.

What I hope happens in 2016:

- I hope to be able to get and keep a good friendship network.
- Finally get my passport and everything else that comes along with it.
- I definitely hope that I manage to kick cancer's ass.
- And lastly I hope to have much more happiness this year than the ones before.

What are your new year's resolutions?
Has your year been awesome?
Leave me a comment letting me know.


  1. Congrats on reahing your goals for 2015 an i pray that you will reach your goals for 2016

    1. Thank you Kerona! I hope you have a wonderful 2016!

    2. your welcome and thank you too


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