Healthy fruit salad

Yes I know, simple and silly recipe. Is it even considered a recipe?!
I wouldn't call it a recipe, but sometimes you need help with inspiration or you are just curious how many calories a recipe like this has, or even what flavours match with what.

So here you can check out this really pretty and tasty fruit salad, which is very healthy and very easy to make. Well, let's be honest, it looks like it was a lot more effort than it actually is to make.

Ingredients: (makes 4 portions)

1 Mango
1 Apple
1 Passion fruit
1 Orange
2 Kiwis
1 Banana


Chop all the fruits and the ones that need remove the skin and seeds.

Start with the passion fruit and orange. Juice the orange and put it with the passion fruit. They are both acid, which will keep the fruit from turning brown so quickly.

After cutting each fruit, put it in the orange and passion fruit juice so they won't oxidise.

Mix all of it up and serve. Keep in the fridge when not eating it.

If the fruits are ripe you won't need to add sugar or honey.

Nutritional information:

The most caloric fruit here is the passion fruit, and the least one is the orange.

Total calories of the recipe: 392 kcal
Total calories per serving (+- 150g): 98 kcal

What do you think?
Would you try this salad?
Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I prefer fruit salads to eating a fruit whole.So yes would defo give this one a try :)

  2. Lovely post, its not a silly recipe your just showing your preference of fruits that you like using to make a salad

  3. I love fruit salad and yours is healthy and delicious looking!

  4. This looks so lovely and yummy!!

  5. I would love to eat this but fruit is something I have found I need to strictly limit to stay healthy. The natural sugar in fruit gives me the same reaction as processed sugar if I eat even small quantities. It's a great shame as I love berries in particular. Veggies are what I thrive on - organic, raw and lots of them! Lovely pictures.

  6. YUM!!!! Yet another recipe (yes, I would call it a recipe :) ) to add to my healthy eating board on Pinterest! Look for it there!!


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