Frida Kahlo exposition in Sao Paulo

In October the Instituto Tomie Ohtake in Sao Paulo was exhibiting some of Frida Kahlo's work, and since I was going to be around, my mom, sister and myself headed off to see it.
For the first time I would see the institute and Frida's work right in front of me.

Instituto Tomie Ohtake

This is a very modern and colourful building in the middle of Sao Paulo city in which the new tendencies of national and international art are displayed.
It was opened in November 2001, and it has an area of 7.500 sq meters.

From outside it doesn't look that grand, but when you go in, you can feel how big it is.
The name is referred to the artist Tomie Ohatke, a woman born in Japan and naturalised Brazilian. She has not only paintings but also prints and sculptures and her style is informal abstractionism.

Frida Kahlo

Frida was a Mexican painter, and is mainly known for her self-portraits. Her style has been described as surrealist even though she did not like that title, she considered her work realistic.

She had a very rocky life, there is a movie that shows quite nicely how it was called Frida.
She was married to Diego Rivera and suffered from lots of health problems including to her biggest sadness, miscarriages.

Even though she painted herself a lot, in this exposition I got to see actual pictures of her and was able to compare with her paintings, and my conclusion (to which my mom agreed), she was really harsh with herself. She would paint herself much hairier and uglier than she actually was.

The main features she would paint would be moustaches and the thick uni-brow.
In pictures you cannot see her moustaches, and her brows just needed a little bit of plucking, just as all of us women do.
Yeah, OK, she was a bit more hairy than an average woman, but nothing so big as she would portray.

I found that trip pretty enjoyable. we went by subway and arrived there very easily.
The ticket was not expensive, so I found it is totally worth it and cool if you are in the area to go visit it, and see whatever exposition may be happening there at the time.

Check out the video I made of this trip:

What do you think?
Did you enjoy it?
Leave me a comment below letting me know.


  1. I just saw an exhibit of hers in New York. I will post about it soon. I love your video and your pics. Looks like a great show.

  2. Frida's work was amazing - what an inspiration! So happy you got to see the exhibit. Her work has an energy that is just fantastic to experience.


  3. This is so interesting! Thanks so much for sharing, I'd love to see this exhibit sometime.

  4. That looks like a wonderful collection - lucky you!

  5. What an utterly unusual collection of paintings! Love the video too. Was that your Mom in the video? She looks so young.

    1. Yes, it is my mom and my sister in the video with me.

  6. Frida was an extremely talented woman! would love to see her work some day.


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