Sherlock Holmes house tour

Many of you out there may be fans of Sherlock Holmes, either because of the movies, or the series, or maybe even from before when you just heard the stories.

I've always found Sherlock intriguing, and I became a fan after I started watching the series with Benedict Cumberbatch, and yes I will admit I did not like the movie with Robert Downey Jr.

Anyway, so hubby and I were in London, and we wanted to do something different. We then remembered - Oh, there is Sherlock's home, let's go see it.

And we did, I mean, we already knew the address... hehehehe - for those of you who are not from England, Sherlock's museum is on the actual address that is mentioned in the stories.

Our first shock was when we arrived there and saw a long line. The second shock came when we bought the ticket in...

When we finally walked in, this tiny house with many levels and basically one to 2 small rooms per flight was pretty amazing.
Decor was just packed like crazy, but it did give the feel that that's how it would have been.

Sherlock's study had the desk full of things, and filled up bookshelves, and the little laboratory with sooo many interesting objects.

The lab
 I think it is safe to say that hubby's and my favourite part of the house was the lab!!!
Maybe because it had so many cool things there, or maybe it's the scientist in us peaking out.

Dr. Watson's study
There was Dr. Watson's study, and even Mrs. Hudson's room. And a lot more, like even scenes from some stories reenacted by dolls.

Mrs Hudson's room

And to finish of golden, the top floor was a bathroom, and I personally found amusing that both the sink and the toilet were painted even on the inside.... Hehehe. Fancy!

I really enjoyed that outing, and if you would like to know more information on the place, check out their website.

Have you ever visited Sherlock's home?
What did you think of it?
If you haven't, would that interest you?

Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I've never visited but it's always been something that has interested me. I hate queuing though haha! How long did you end up waiting in the end?

    1. I don't quite remember but I think it was about 30 minutes...

  2. This is something I haven't even thought about during my trips to London! What a neat little place. Have you Mr. Holmes yet? I actually went twice!

  3. Love the painted loo cistern! I'm not a Sherlock fan. It looks a curiously interesting house though!

  4. Hmm looks interesting..I wonder if I'd get a Sherlock Discount ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, this looks so cool! I would love to visit!

  6. These are some great pictures of an interesting house, thanks! I must admit I find the painted bathroom fixtures interesting.

  7. I wish I had visited when I lived in London but will do next time.Londom is filled with so much to see and do x

  8. Looks fab... I had a painted Doulton loo in an old house I once lived in... this set me off reminiscing :)

  9. My boys would love this, both are avid Sherlock fans!!! Saving money to come and see it is now a goal!! Thanks for sharing!


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