Blog's photoshoot - Behind the scenes

My sister wants to work as a photographer and already has a bit of trainning, now of course I asked her to take pictures of me that I could use as the profile picture for the blog.

So here you can see the making of...

If you would like to check her portfolio here is the link: Anna Cioppi

Now I love all the pictures, so I need help choosing which of the pictures to use.

Please let me know in the comments below which of the pictures I should put as my profile picture here on the blog, on that top right corner that says "The blogger".


  1. I love the 6th one from the top. The one where your left hand is sort of cupping your left cheek. Beautiful and it's a front view without being school picture-ish.

  2. I like 1,8,9,10. And last pic is jus fabulous

  3. I think my favorite photo for a blog is the last one. I like all of them but the others seem better fitted for other purposes.

  4. I like 2 pics the last one and the one of you on the phone.The phone kind of links to the Techno element of blogging.But just my thought.x


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