7 Fail proof makeup items to take to hot and humid countries

As the title says these are my tips of what makeup you should be packing for when you travel to very hot and very humid countries, or to use if you live in a country like that.

Not all of us are blessed with easy weather to deal with that any makeup will be OK, so the basics and essentials if you are a person that likes wearing makeup are explained in the video.

Also it makes packing a whole lot easier, because you will take lesser items, and still look nice in your travel pictures!

I hope you have enjoyed it, let me know what you think in the comments below.
Have you ever travel to very hot and humid countries? Any makeup disasters happened?


  1. Thanks for the tips.I live in South Africa it is also very hot here.But I am traveling to the middle east next month x

  2. I was just in Hawaii and would have used your tips there! I ended skipping make most of the time because it was just a waste of time to put if on and then sweat it off.


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