What is Zumba?

Since the first time I tried Zumba I really liked it, and doing it constantly makes you an addict.

If you haven't heard what Zumba is, here I will try to explain:

Zumba is a style of dance done by Alberto Perez, a Colombian dancer and choreographer, created in the 90's.
It involves  cumbia, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, chachacha, reggaeton, soca, samba, hip hop, axe and tango in a set aerobic choreography.

So basically is like going to step class, where you will follow the teacher's movements but it goes with the music. The movements are not robotic, so they are danced, fun, sexy and it burns calories like a mad man.

Perez inspiration was that if you laugh while exercising that burns a lot more calories, and trust me, it does.
One hour Zumba class will burn from 500 to 1.000 calories, which will depend on your level.
So you will have an idea, 1 hour of step class will burn 400 to 600 calories.
Zumba is a lot more and you do not realise 1 hour has gone by.

There are 9 different levels, so anyone at any age and any ability can join:

1. Zumba Gold - for the elderly.
2. Zumba Step - lower body workout with step aerobics.
3. Zumba Toning - uses toning sticks, targets abs, thighs, arms and other muscle groups with cardio workout.
4. Aqua Zumba - classes in shallow water.
5. Zumba in the Circuit - dance with circuit training, 30 minutes long with strength exercises.
6. Zumba Kids - for children aged 4 to 12.
7. Zumba Kids Jr. - for children younger than 4 years old.
8. Zumba Gold-Toning - toning for elderly to improve strength, posture, mobility and coordination.
9. Zumba Sentao - chair workout using body weight.

If you want to know more check out Zumba's official site, and if you want to see what is like you can research it on YouTube to get an idea.
Here is a great example of a zumba dance I found on YouTube:

Have you ever done Zumba?
Do you like it?

Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I adore zumba it is so much fun and a great form of exercise too! More people should do zumba it really does help you out!

  2. I am yet to try out Zumba. Heard a lot about it though.


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