Top 10 must haves for a games room

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According to my hubby, here is a list of the top 10 MUSTS for him, which basically means that this is the list of the things he wants to have when he gets his games room! ;) Hehehe

I didn't input my opinion much since personally I'm not a gamer, I like a feel games but it is not a big deal for me, I am more of a walk in closet kind of gal. So I asked my husband for his input on it.
He is more of a video gamer, so that would be the focus. For a more general games room you could add darts, a pool table, cards, table tennis, a sofa to chill and so on.

So here is his list:

1. Consoles

This one will depend on your preference of games. In his case he would have at least 1 old generation like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and 1 new generation like Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4. If you are into other kinds of games you can include Wii, Nintendo and so on.
Also another thing included in this category is the controllers, just in case you were wondering. Hehehe.

2. Games

Kind of obvious here too, these would be the games that you can play with your consoles.

3. High definition TV

Yes, it is obvious, but what isn't obvious is the size of the TV... yes, they want it as big as they can get. So the biggest with the best image and sound quality is the one to go for.

4. Gaming chair

The most comfortable the better, so those very puffy chairs with arm rest, reclining system would be awesome.

5. Beer fridge / mini bar

When someone is into a game, they can go for hours and not notice, and having to pause a game to go get food or a drink just doesn't cut it, so a mini bar with quick snacks and a beer fridge is the best combo.

6. Action figures

This isn't limited to just action figures, this is the decor of the room, everything related to the games you most like, so figures, posters, models etc. And the more the better too.

7. Lights with a dimmer switch

Playing games is best on a dim light, and without a reflection going on your screen, so dark curtains to block the day light from coming in, and lights with dimmer switches are the best go. Do not forget about the positioning of the light in relation to the TV, so it won't give those awful glares!

8. Good sound system

This is kind of tied with the TV, but you can maybe buy a TV without a great sound system, and then add an awesome sound system that will make the room feel like you are in the actual game while playing. Maybe with this option as well you should think of making the room sound proof this way your neighbours won't hate you.

9. Good Internet connection

Not all games need Internet connection, but some of the most fun games are, therefore you need an Internet connection, and not just any, a really good one, because obviously you don't want to get stuck or delayed in the middle of an important mission, right?!

10. Partner do not disturb sign

This is the most important item! Hehehe. A sign at the door to tell your partner / girlfriend / boyfriend / wife / husband to basically bugger off. This way they won't come knocking and asking things in the middle of your game time. This way they know before hand - DO NOT DISTURB.

Do you have a games room, how is it?
Would you like to have one? How would it be?

Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I would LOVE a games room mainly so I could send my kids and husband to it lol! My kind of games room would have all of the above but someone to come and give me a pedicure and massage too! Great post.

    1. Great idea actually, I would take you up on it!!!

  2. My boyfriend has a 'man cave' at our house & pretty much has everything on your list! X

  3. We did have a games room and it sounded a lot like this! I would add lights. Lamps, fairy lights, etc. They make everything feel so fun!


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