16 Lamp shade ideas

I am going to fix up a lamp shade for the bathroom, and although hubby has told me what he wants me to do, I thought I needed a little bit of inspiration to do it.

And my biggest tool for inspiration for anything is Pinterest...
I admit I am an addict!!!

Anyway, so here are a few lamp shade idea I found that I thought were really different and interesting, and also they are manageable to make yourself.

If you really like the shade, you can click on the picture and it will redirect you to its original where a post is linked to it, teaching you how to make it.

These aren't my DIY's, and I wouldn't do all of them, but they are definitely the most interesting in my taste.

I think this is a different idea that is so easy to make and looks like it was hard to make.

For a more modern feel and maybe children's room I think this one is just awesome.

This I would definitely have inside my walk in closet - if I ever get to have one! Hehehe ;)

This one is very much my hubby and I, and it would work in our bedroom really well, since we have a map on our wall as well.

I think of this lot this is probably my favourite one, and I would totally do it in the bathroom, bedroom, walk in closet, lounge, study, etc etc etc. ;)

So what do you think about these lamp shades?
Do you like them or hate them?

Let me know your opinion on the comments below.


  1. I really love the crafty shades! I am just about to start decorating in my bedroom so I may have to have a go at making one of them!

  2. Such beautiful lamp shades! I love them all. I'm feeling inspired to get new ones for my room x

  3. They're all just so beautiful. The one with the stag in the forest looks amazing, I'd love to see the pattern it makes on the walls when lit! x



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