8 gifts NOT to give your man

To continue last week's post about 8 gifts NOT to give your woman, here is the opposite, what NOT to give your man.

This one I based my post on some research and a lot on what my man said. So a lot of things here are just as he said them to me. ;)

Now as I said before, if the man really loves you he will appreciate your effort, and it is a sweet gesture to show you will also gift him, and not just expect him to gift you, they enjoy being romanced as well.
So this list is just to try make your life a bit easier.

* Reminder here that this post was made to have a laugh, and for amusement, it is not intended to stereotype or harm people in any way.

1. Home deodorising products
You know those ambiance spray things, that we as woman love to make our home smell like flowers or whatever else nice. That is it, don't give those, and here is why:
"Are you trying to tell me, my house smells?!"

2. Clothes
"I have my own style, and you probably will get it wrong." Even if you think what you are getting him is really cool, and he will look great in them, don't.

3. Tools
"A guy knows what kind of tools he wants, and woman just don't know." Unless he has pointed out what tool he wants for you, of what brand and what size and how many, don't try.

4. Hobby gear
If your man has found a hobby and is doing it, do not give him any gear for it, he knows more about it than you do, so the probability of you getting the wrong thing will disappoint him a lot.

5. A study course
You will get the wrong subject, the wrong kind, and it will force him to study when he does not want to, so he will not enjoy that. Besides, it is a way of telling him he needs to apply himself, which Your Highness will not appreciate. ;)

6. Anything that is for your own benefit
As I said for women, this is the same for men, so here I quote what I wrote earlier:
"Don't buy tickets to YOUR favourite band's concert, or that tech-y thing you always wanted to have...
It's about him, what he would like. Maybe tickets to HIS favourite band's concert - if you 2 have a common favourite band that's OK, but it has to be focused on him!"

7. Jewellery
We women tend to love the bracelets, and necklaces and rings and so on, but not all men do, and the ones that do like it, will say that you will not get their style.

8. Personal grooming products
"I have my own products, and if I need more I will f**king go buy it myself. Are you trying to destroy my beard?!" I don't think I need to say anything else, do I?! Hehehe.


  1. Think i have bought several things off you not to buy list ...ooops

  2. Ha! Loved this post :) I agree with the tools one especially!



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