8 gifts NOT to give to your woman

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According to men, women are a complicated thing. I somewhat agree but also disagree.
In my experiences I noticed that men usually struggle to know how to gift women, specially if they are girlfriends or wives.

With some research I have come up with a list most girls / women agree about not getting.
We appreciate men's effort, and we much rather get something from him than nothing, but here are a few tips on what NOT to get, so we won't be as disappointed. ;)

If you want to check out what NOT to give your man, just click here.

* Reminder here that this post was made to have a laugh, and for amusement, it is not intended to stereotype or harm people in any way.

1. Gift certificate / gift card

Women want something they can see you have thought of, that you planned and so on.
DO NOT give us something as impersonal as money to get ourselves something we like.
You just got rid of the responsibility of thinking with it. And trust it will not be appreciated AT ALL.

2. Workout gear

She may a workout freak, or really enjoy sports and things like that, you may offer to buy those items for her when she has pointed out she would like this or that. But, DO NOT buy her workout gear because you came up with the idea. First you don't know what kind she actually likes, second and most important she will feel like you are telling her she is fat, flabby and etc.

3. Vulgar items

I know you men are turned on by your women a lot, and you have fantasies and wishes, and if you are a couple that likes experimenting, both of you very well go ahead and choose erotic things to do together. BUT, giving her a sexy maid's costume, or sexy underwear, or any sex shop items is first of all something for your interest which is selfish and second you will be making her feel like an object.

4. Stuffed animals

All boyfriends tend to fill their girlfriends with a whole bunch of stuffed bears and other kinds of animals. That is sweet if your girlfriend is 10 years old. Some women may like stuffed animals, but they are not kids anymore, so don't give them something that may remind them they are old, or that they will not have a use for, and even less where to put it.

5. Anything that is for your own benefit

I don't think I need to explain further. Don't buy her tickets to YOUR favourite band's concert, or that tech-y thing you always wanted to have...
It's about her, what she would like. Maybe tickets to HER favourite band's concert - if you 2 have a common favourite band that's OK, but it has to be focused on her!

6. Clothes

Now, not everyone is blessed with a man that has clothing sense for women like my husband. So 9 times out of 10 men will screw up on the choice really bad.
And to make matters even worst, they don't know exactly our size, and if they give a size too big women will feel like you are calling them fat, if they are too small they will feel like "how dare you not know my size, now I have to go through the effort of exchanging it".

7. Anything practical

You know she is in need of socks, towels or PJ's. Do not give them as gifts. Those are family gifts, not something a woman wants to open up thinking is something really cute and sweet and see something practical that she just needed, and you only know because she told you.

8. Kitchen supplies / cleaning supplies / house appliances

Anything that reminds her of her duties is not a good go. You 2 can shop for those things together, but don't gift her with them. She won't appreciate it, specially if she didn't get to choose which one she wanted - you may think you know what is going to make her life easier, but you don't actually know.

Have I forgotten anything ladies?
Let me know and the men out there know in the comments below.


  1. I am happy with a gift certificate and a stuffed toy x

    1. this is a list made from research according to a few women out there, I mean if my hubby gives me any of those I'll be happy, just the vulgar items I would prefer he didn't so I could get them for him myself. ;)

  2. Hehe. After your comprehensive list there's only one thing left for a man to present to a woman--jewellery.

    1. kind of, hehehehe
      no, there are other things, I think the main issue is that the man has to know his woman, and her likes, and rely on that. Like I would love a musical theatre ticket, or if he made me my favourite dinner, or flowers, a book I really want...

  3. I would be super happy with a gift card! haha, I hate being bought fragrance or books from my other half. He never gets it right, one year he thought he'd bought me a really sweet, romantic book, turns out it was an erotic novel, I was not impressed!

    Great post, I had a giggle at the stuffed animal part, another thing my other half loves to buy me (I hate it) ;)

    Georgia x


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