How to organize candles - Simple and easy ways

Candles are items you either love them or you don't.
I am a fan of candles and if I could I would have a whole bunch of them, in all different sizes, colours and smells. - Mmmm, I love scented candles, or as I call them "smelly candles" hehehe.

But sometimes, being a candle lover and collector may make a big mess, and then you don't manage to see or use your candles easily.
So here I come to propose how to organise them, so you can easily reach for them, decorate with them and so on.

Let's start by analysing the following picture.
Isn't it soooo pretty?! It is one of my favourite pictures of a fireplace, and I love that even though it is a fake fireplace it was arranged with candles.

Now going, on what the post is actually about.

When you have quite a few candles, and you cannot have all of them out on display, you need to store them, and here are simple and easy ways to do so.

Having a rack built on one of your closet doors will separate nicely the candles from the rest and it will be easy to reach when you want a new one out.

You can store them in drawers, and make either cardboard divisions, or you can get acrylic divisions as well to put in your drawer and this way you can separate your candles by shape, size and even colour.

This is a wonderful wooden division, that you can use inside a drawer, or for itself, having your candles in there, all nice and neat.

This is a pretty idea, but if you have a lot of candles is not very practical on being able to reach the candle you want quick and easy.
A basket labelled candles with them is so easy to store. If you have loads of candles, maybe you should go for a few of these baskets, and label them according to size, shape, colour or whatever you prefer.

Are you a candle lover?
How do you store your candles?


  1. Great storing ideas. I am a lover of scented candles and I have a candle frame on my wall where I store them.

  2. I am a big candle fan, I have loads scattered about the place and love them all bundled together! I have one drawer delegated to candled I've picked up but have no room for, I love the door rack idea!

    Hayley-Eszti |


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