Hamleys - The Biggest Toy Store in the World

This post will probably interest the moms out there, but I will say, if you are not a parent, trust me, you will be interested too!

I had always heard about this huge toy store in London, but I had never gone to it.
Until... that wonderful day that I did... Oh my!!!

Let's put things in perspective here:

Hamleys is the oldest AND the largest toy store in the world... Does that make you fascinated already?
It does to me, but let's go on.

Life size Lego Royal Family
This store was founded by William Hamley, in High Holborn - London, in 1760, and it was named Noah's Ark.
The shop has been passing down though the family, but it wasn't until 1837 that the shop became famous.
The grandsons of the founder opened a new store in Regent Street in 1881, and the original store in Holborn was destroyed in a fire in 1901. The store in Holborn was rebuilt there on a slightly different number and bigger, but the Regent street store got expanded a lot more.

During the 2nd World War the store in Regent street was bombed 5 times. :O I know, right?!

Lego Queen and her lego dog and myself
In 2003 Baugur Group, which is an Icelandic Investment Company, bought Hamleys, but it collapsed and the stake was taken over by the Icelandic Bank Landsbanki. In 2012 Groupe Ludendo, which is a toy retailer based in France bought Hamleys for £60 million.

The Regent street store has 7 floors and more than 50.000 toys. It is not the only branch right now, there are quite a few of them spread around England and the world.

I went to the Regent street shop, and I must say I was impressed!
Not only was it big and had sooooo many toys, but also the amount of employees all around showcasing how to play with certain toys and playing with children and adults is just amazing. They are fun people, and automatically make you feel like a child again.
So if you are an adult with no children, you must go anyway, you will feel that happiness and aliveness that was when you were a child.

The prices aren't a lot more expensive. You will find areas of the shop that have more "posh" toys, the more delicate, or highly branded, really expensive toys, but most the shop are normal toys, with the normal price range you would find anywhere else. But you get to "test drive" them before hand, you get to see toys you hadn't thought of, and if you are looking for something specific you will most definitely find it! They have it all!!!

If you would like to know more about the shop, here is their website.

Have you ever visited Hamleys? Would you want too?


  1. I visited Hamlets a few years go when my son was young. It's an exciting place for little ones and at Christmas they have 'fake' snow outside :)

  2. I've never been before, it looks amazing! xx

  3. OMG, I would love to visit this place as it would be absolutely amazing with toys everywhere!! Those lego statues look so cool!


  4. I've been to Hamleys a couple of times but so far not with kids in tow - will happen one day! But even as an adult it's awe inspiring! We loved it!

  5. It's where I got my Harry Potter stuff.... very cool :D


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