10 Easiest plants to have indoors

In some cases we don't have the opportunity to have a garden, or if we do it is a tiny winy garden where you can't fit much, or even worst: you have a wonderful garden space but every plant you touch you kill.

In any of those cases I thought, why not write about the easiest plants anyone can have, that will hardly die, no matter how bad you are at taking care of it, and that you also may have indoors.

I've put together a list of 10 of the easiest and prettiest houseplants to have in your home.

1. Bromeliad

They need bright and sunny light, but not a lot of water. They do prefer humidity though, so spritzing with water every now and again, or keeping it in the kitchen or bathroom is a good idea.
They only flower once in a lifetime, so don't think you killed it because it isn't flowering again.

2. Cast iron plant

I would say this is probably the easiest of them all. It needs very little water to go by, and it prefers to stay in low light conditions.

3. Crown of thorns

This one likes to be slightly dry and on sandy soil. It needs bright lighting, and not a lot of water. And when you do water it, go straight to the pot because if you make the leaves and stems wet they can rot.

4. Jade Plant

It doesn't need too much water, but it likes a full sun light.

5. Kalanchoe

This one prefers partial sun light, and the way to water it is you water it quite a bit, and let it dry, and only after it is dry you water it again.

6. Mother in law's tongue

This one like quite a few different settings of light, if you have it under high lighting conditions you allow it to dry out before watering it again. If you have it under medium to low lighting than you water it just a little bit every now and again.

7. Phalaenopsis orchid

This orchid is very easy to care for, it needs bright lighting, so putting it on a windowsill is a wonderful spot for it. Watering only needs to be done once every 7 to 10 days.

8. Pothos

This one likes any lighting condition as long as it is not direct sun light. It also doesn't need a lot of watering, and it is a perfect plant to have anywhere in the house.

9. Prayer plant

This beautiful colourful leafed plant needs bright light but indirect sun light. It needs high humidity, so leaving it with other plants, or close to a humidifier, or next to a bowl with water is best. Soil wise it prefers a drained soil.

10. Zz plant

This one is very easy, it needs low light, no direct light either, and you only water it when it is dried out.

Have you ever had any of them? What plants do you find easy to take care of?

PS. Some of these may be poisonous, so check if you have pets.


  1. I love house plants. I actually have most of them. I love Jade Plant as it is also called a Money Plant... I try to keep mine in perfect order :-)

  2. Quite interesting that the spider plant didn't make it - what is wrong with that one, just out of interest?

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. the spider plant is one of the easiest too, i was going for 10 plants and there are actually over 20 that should make it in this list, it was just a matter of choice of which one I was going to write about.


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