Visiting Stonehenge - UK

Everyone has heard of Stonehenge, the mysterious stone formation that people have the most different theories about - like aliens put it there, or Celtic people built it there, or Gods have come down to put it there, and so on.

First of all, I am going to mention 2 sites that are really good with awesome information about Stonehenge if you are interested:
English Heritage website
Stonehenge website

Stonehenge is a monument in Salisbury, Wiltshire - England. It is very famous for the remains of a ring formation of big standing stones. It is found in the centre of burial mounds, and other Neolithic and Bronze age monuments.

Blah Blah.
We all know this.
What about the truth of how it is to visit it?!

Stonehenge recently got a new partition. Before you could just drive to it and see it. Now, you park your car in this open air car park, walk to the Museum/reception area, buy the ticket to get in, the you can choose to walk to the stones, or take a little bus that is included in the price. If you take the bus, you can get a portable guide that will tell you all about each piece.

In this reception area, there is a little snacking convenience store, where you can get some simple and quick food if you are hungry, or just sit to eat your own food.
There is nothing major or different in there, it is just normal sandwiches and cookies, and coffees. I will say though they are made very well done, and so anything you choose will not be a failure!

Next to it is a gift store, which you can imagine the things you can get there.

There are restrooms that are kept nice and clean, and there is a small museum.
This museum, you can see some of the artifacts the people from back then used, their ways of living, and even a digital 360 view of how it would have looked throughout the years from inside the Stonehenge.
Just outside, there is a stone of the size and weight of one of the standing stones, and it is there with a measurement leverage where you pull and you can see how many people with your strength you would need to move that stone.
Also a few huts. And how it is believed that they lived back then.

These are my parents playing which hut to buy! Hihihi.

When you get to the stones, they are surrounded by this line that forbids you from getting close to it. So if you thought you could go there to touch it - forget it!
You are only allowed truly in if you are part of the witches and Celtic circle that go there for rituals.
But if you are thinking on going on one of those, forget it too. It is not easy to get a spot, or to be accepted in the circle.

So the down for me is that you can actually be inside the circle and feel its' supposed energy.
The pro is the reception area that makes the visit a lot more comfortable and guided full of information.

Have you visited the Stonehenge? What did you think of it?


  1. I have never visited Stonehenge before. But I really want to and these photos make me really wanna go. :(

  2. Wow some amazing images! Somewhere I have always wanted to go and hopefully will one day!


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