Visiting Shakespeare's The Globe Theatre

So many times I have gone to London, for years, and since the first time I was obsessed with Shakespeare, so obviously being able to visit The Globe Theatre was a major ambition always, but for whatever reasons I always got stopped from being there.

This time I managed... after longing it for at least 12 years.

If you are interested in visiting it, here is their website so you can have more information on it, like what shows you can watch in there, or just to take a tour inside.

So since this is a big thing for me, bare with my long writing please.

The original Globe Theatre was built in 1599, where Shakespeare would write his plays and perform them. It was destroyed by a fire on the 29th of June 1613 during a show of Henry VIII, where the actors decided to do a cannon shoot for real inside the fully wooded theatre!...
Yes, I know... Dumb right?!

Nevertheless, the theatre got rebuilt in June 1614, but got closed down by the puritans in 1642 and demolished in 1644. *This is the moment I got angry!!!*

The Globe that I visited is a reconstruction based on available evidence of the 1599 and 1614 versions of the theatre.
The location of the theatre is not exact, it is now located 230 meters away from the original spot.
The new theatre was reopened in 1997 with funny enough the production of Henry VIII.

Sam Wanamaker, who rebuilt this new version, also made a smaller theatre indoor of the museum, it is candle-lit and is based on the playhouses of Jacobean London, and which opened in 2014.

The museum, entails a souvenir shop, both theatres, a reception area, and a coffee place.

Of course the new version of the Globe is now fire proof, in case you were wondering! ;)

The ticket prices for visiting the theatre aren't very cheap, but for supporting such a beautiful theatre and it's story I think it is worth it.

I didn't get a chance yet to watch a play in there, but if you do I think it would be fantastic, so do try!
Maybe next time I will manage to see a play.

This flooring outside the theatre as you can see in the picture above, are the names of the people that contributed in rebuilding the new version of the theatre, which I thought was an awesome way of thanking them.

I really enjoyed my visit to it, and totally recommend if you haven't visited it, to do so.

Have you ever thought of seeing the Globe? Have you ever been there?
Have you seen  play in there before? How was it?

Let me know! ;)


  1. I went here once years ago to watch a play and it was amazing! The decor inside is so beautiful.

    Ashleigh x

    ♡ Being Ashleigh - Lifestyle, Food, Photography and Fashion blog ♡

  2. Looks stunning. Never been but Shakespeare changed literature!


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