Visiting Avebury - UK

Most people know about Stonehenge but they don't always know about Avebury. I will be honest - I didn't.
I didn't until my husband took me to it and said there were other stone formations that you could actually be in and touch.

This is also a Neolithic monument of standing stones circle, located close to Stonehenge, in Avebury.
It was constructed around 2.600 BCE, and the original purpose for it is also not known.

In the early middle ages, a village started being constructed around it, which eventually extended into it. Since then, a lot of the stones got destroyed by locals, being reconstructed on the 20th century.

This is a monument that is open for the public, with no payment fees, or receptions, it is just sitting there beautifully.
You can go up to them, touch them, take pictures, picnic around them, and just simply enjoy it with no time limit, or big crowds.

This is the awesome part about it, that you can feel it part of your day without it feeling like a tourist convention.
I mainly like the fact you can have a nice walk around, sit by them or on them, and just enjoy.

There are 2 awesome websites that can give you more information if you are interested:

English heritage website
National trust website

In that area you can also visit this cute little church, that has a gorgeous little cemetery.

And the village itself, that has that romantic feel to it.

So have you ever visited Avebury?
What did you think of it?
Does it seem like an interesting place for you to go to?


  1. I feel a day trip coming on! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really love places like this because they are so peaceful and a picnic here sounds like a great day out. I also love the photo of the village street and I want to find one local to me as they look like great photography locations :)

  3. This is A Great Post, Makes me want to get A Plane ticket Right Now!!


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