Pillow Talk - How Many Pillows Should You Have on Your Bed

We spend a lot of time of our lives on our beds, or close to our beds, and is there a better feeling than looking at your bed and thinking "Oh that looks nice and cosy, I love my bed"?
Well, a better feeling is to sink in your bed, but if your bed is inviting is a lot nicer, isn't it?

For our bed to look inviting, one of the things we can use is pillows.
Oh so many pillows. How many is the ideal number?

Well, for sleeping purposes, I have researched and found that the best option is to have either 1 layer or 2 layers of pillows per person. This will depend on the pillow itself and how you feel more comfortable to lie.

What about the decorative pillows?
Some say there will never be too many, some say more than 2 is too much.
This is a personal preference, so there is no right or wrong.

I have found 2 guides that are pretty awesome to keep in mind about pillows.

This one is a recommendation of how your bed should look like when you are trying to sell your house. 
I thought this would be good to display because it is a bed that will be accepted by most people as a good looking bed - hence the state agents advice on it.

This gives 3 layers of pillows that could be used for sleeping plus 2 decorative pillows.
You could invert it to 2 layers of normal pillows plus 3 decorative pillows.
It seems that the most aesthetically pleasing pillow display is the odd number of pillows.

To give you more ideas on how to display different varieties of pillow formation here is the other guide I found really interesting:

I personally lay on my bed 2 layers of sleeping pillows plus 3 decorative pillows.

What about you? How do you like your bed to look?


  1. Such an interesting post. I have two on my side of the bed, Steve has 2 and then one decorative pillow :)

  2. I love my bed. I like having three sleeping pillows; but when I was young, I only liked one x

  3. We have option 4. I have a blog post that the bed should only be for sex and night time sleeping & if I keep pillows on it in a decorative fashion, then it will keep me from getting onto it. ha ha! You have a great post here. Sharing.

    1. Thank you!
      HAHAHA... I agree with you, that's also why I don't have many decorative pillows... but we do have some that are easy to put on the bed and easy to take off ;)


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