Buying a new laptop - that isn't a Mac

A while ago I bought myself a new laptop. Reason being that my current laptop was set in Spanish and Portuguese which make things harder for when you are trying to spell check in English.

Although my old laptop is still good, it has been damaged quite a bit throughout the years, and it is very outdated, so all programs started crashing on me.

I still use that laptop to watch movies, play games and silly things like that.
But this new laptop is the work laptop. It is the one that doesn't leave the desk and is set completely to everything blog related.

Doesn't seem like blogging will take up much of your laptop but it actually does.

I needed a new, fast, updated, in English, reliable laptop. It could even be a desktop, but it had to be strong and for the lowest price possible.

After a lot of research on other people's opinions and quality versus price range I learnt a few things.
What laptop not to have, and which ones are a good idea.

Now, I'm going to hear everyone say "BUY A MAC"... Yes, and I did hear that a lot while I was researching, even though I made clear I didn't want a MAC.

My reasons for not wanting a MAC:

- Too expensive for my budget
- Everything I have works on windows and not mackintosh
- It would require a lot of time I didn't have for me to get used to how it works.
- and finally but most importantly is TOO EXPENSIVE.

Yes, I did look for cheaper Macs, what the cheapest was way above my highest budget for the laptop. So that got discarded.

What did I end up buying:

Check out me opening it:

I bought a HP Pavilion core i3, beatsaudio, windows 8.1, RAM of 8 GB.

My thoughts:

I'm a maniac when working on the laptop, I open dozens of pages at the same time, have to patience to wait for them to load, hate when PC decides to crash, and so on. So a laptop that has my approval will be one that can handle the strain that is to work with me. ;)
And so far the laptop is showing me to be able to handle me! Hehehe.

Blogging on it has made my life a lot easier and I manage to get things done a lot quicker than before, which is AWESOME!

It was worth the price I payed.
If anyone is looking for a laptop that can handle a lot, here is a good option that isn't a MAC.

PS. I have nothing against Macs, so please no one hating on me. I just couldn't afford it.
If anyone would like to give me one for free, I will accept happily! ;)

What laptop do you use?
Do you like it?
Let me know your thoughts.

* This is not a sponsored post.


  1. I'm also one of those people who still don't use a MAC and I am expecting my next computer won't be one either. :-) Have fun with your new laptop!

  2. looks very nice i have a dell but is starting to pack up on me :/

  3. I'm glad that you were able to get a laptop that meets your needs! I love my laptop too. I bought a Lenovo Idea Pad S400 Touch two years ago because I needed a laptop for writing and surfing the net. :)


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