5 Tips on What colours to paint your house

Painting your house.
No, I don't mean the inside this time.
I mean the outside.
Let's say it needs a new coat of paint or you just want to change the colour because it no longer pleases you.

So let's go over a few things to keep in mind when choosing a colour to paint the exterior of our houses:

1 - History
If your house is an older home from a specific time, you might want to consider choosing a colour that would have been used back then. Or do the complete opposite and go for a more modern colour to jazz up the old feel with new. All this provided that if you have a historic house and need approval for the colour change you do so before hand.

2 - Neighbours
This is kind of linked with the approval I mentioned before. Maybe you live in an area that has a certain feel to it, and your neighbours would like that to remain, so maybe checking with them if you are going for a very different colour.

3 - Inspiration from Nature
What is more beautiful than what natures creates? In my opinion, nothing!
If you are stuck with ideas, look at the nature around your home, observe the colours, and which ones stand out to you the most and make you feel happier. 
For example maybe you live by the beach so colours like blues, teals, turquoises, corals and sandy beige. But if you have a more rural setting then maybe the greens, browns, or the predominant flower colours close to you.

4 - The Roof and the ornaments
We tend to forget about the roof and ornaments like the outside lights or the mailbox, we might go and think of the colour, get it approved and bought but then after you paint you realise it clashes with the colour of your roof and ornaments.
So remember to check what colour it is and if that colour will go nicely with the colour you choose.

5 - The details
Don't forget the details, like shutters, moldings, doors, brackets, columns, porches and so on.
Are you keeping them in the same colour, or are you changing their colour?
They don't have to be the same colour as the walls, but they should have a nice flow to them. I would recommend choosing around 3 colours for your exterior theme, including wall colour.
Don't just go for all in 1 colour because it will just seem flat and boring. It does need a bit of life too.

Now that you thought of those it is time to choose the colour.
If you are still feeling stuck, try to look at a piece of decor you like, like a pillow case, or a painting, and use the colours you most like in those.

What colour is your house at the moment?
Would you change it? To what?


  1. This is a great post! I'm currently doing up my house and get overwhelmed with all the cute little ornaments out there and then realise it doesn't actually match the theme of the room, ha! xx

  2. We have no paint on our house but I always wanted to have pure white walls; I would really like a white house :-)


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