30 Day Blogging Challenge - A review

Last month I took on the challenge on Sarah Arrow's website, and now I'm here to tell you about it.

This is definitely a challenge.
You have to follow the daily emails you get, read the instructions, read the extra links it gives you, and then write up your blog post according to what she asks you too.
You can write blog posts completely out of the theme, as long as you read all you have to read, comment where you are asked to comment, and do what you are asked there is no way in hell you will come out of it not having learnt something and grown your blog to something a lot better.

This challenge will change your blog and you, and your knowledge of the blogging things out there.

I kind of struggle to tell how this challenge is awesome.
First of all, this post was not a request from the challenge, I just thought it really deserved a bit of spot light on my blog, since it was responsible for so much.

I have taken a paid course before, and by no means I learnt as much as I did on this challenge.
If I hadn't taken the paid course I would know exactly what I know now, but a few pounds richer - this is the no difference the other course gave me.

It's weird because when you take a paid course the idea is to learn from it, and when you take a challenge you expect to have difficulty but try to reach something, not necessarily learn something like a course would teach you.

So yes, I am highly disappointed on the course I paid for, but hell this challenge made up for it, and the authors are completely different people.

Sarah knows what she is doing, and with the help of her husband they form an awesome backup guidance if you need extra help apart from the emails.

You get encouraged to continue by them, and they share your content, they answers your questions, and they are just very nice people!

If you are looking for help to get your blog to a better level, or for you to understand the blogosphere this is the challenge to do, and best of all, IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!!!

Thank you Sarah and Kevin Arrow for all you helped me with.

Here is the link to the challenge's website, so if you are intrigued you can join it:
30 day Blogging Challenge

Have you ever done this challenge?
Are you interested in doing the challenge?


  1. I'm planning on doing this challenge next month :)

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. I've just started it too, one of the girls recommended it, I'm only on day 6 but already it's given me some great tips!
    I feel like she's had to stretch out the videos, she could have summarised the full 6 days in a 3-minute video. (keeps people interested)


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