10 things a man never wants to hear from his girlfriend / wife

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I wanted to do a real life but funny moments post today, and one thing that actually happens and is very funny is to see what men have in common when they talk about their relationships and the things they really don't want to hear from their partners.

This post is not intended to piss anyone off, and is not an indirect pointing fingers to anyone either.
This is what me and my husband came up with from hearing and seeing other people's relationship.

Sit back and have a bit of a laugh... try to think if you have said any of those to your man, or if your guy friends agree.

1- "Hun, my parents are moving in."

2 - "Darling, I broke the car, again."

3 - "Sweetie, don't you want to take me shopping on the weekend?"

4 - "Love, listen, I want the credit card tomorrow."

5 - "Xxx got flowers from her husband today." *hint, hint*

6 - "You love that video game more than you love me!"

7 - "Muffin, I'm pregnant, but it might be the postman's."

8 - "Does this dress make me look fat?"

9 - "I need help!" (after the man has offered to help and she has refused a 100 times)

10 - "I think the 12 kittens we have are lonely, we should get another one."

So, did you identify yourself there? I did. I saw myself, my mom, and a few of my friends in some of them.


  1. I can't say I identified with any of them, but I can see a few of my friends in some of them x

  2. Some of these made me laugh. I don't think my boyf minds 3, he never moans anyway haha


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