Working Corner Renovation

Since I have moved in, we are trying to fix up the bedroom and bathroom to our taste and to accommodate our needs.
The room we are in was previously my sister in law's, so we are still in the process of taking whatever is left of hers out of the room, and rearranging things. Which takes a while, specially since we have not been born in pools of money.

One of the things was on my side of the bed. It used to be a wood desk that took up a lot of room. When we finally finally gave it back, my side became quite empty, and to top it off I need a working corner for my blogging hours.

So the plan is that my handy husband wants to make me a desk designed to my needs.
The thing is we are still fixing up the bathroom, and some things in the room, like the closet and curtains. So the desk has been left to the end.

I had to improvise then. With what we had, I made myself a nice cosy corner, where I could sit and have everything I need in my reach.
And this is what it came to be.

This is a overall look. I took a blue rug we had and laid it down with some blue pillows to support my back and make it more comfortable for me. Sitting on the floor is ok for me because I like sitting on the floor and I usually sit in the most weird positions ever. So that does not hurt me.
At the bottom of the picture, there is a nice fluffy warp with my laptop on top - this is for those cooler mornings or days so I can wrap myself around it while working, if not I can use it as a support for the laptop, or to sit on, or as an extra pillow.
By the outlets, you can see 2 magazines - They are there for inspirational help.
Next to them, you can see a bedside table, which on top there is a picture of my hubby and I and a gorgeous smelly candle that always helps me get into work mode.
Under the table there is a black box, in that box I have colourful pens, extra paper, stickers, ipod, camera cables, pen drives and my hard drive.
On top of the box is my blog planner, a pen and my earphones.
Nowadays I have just added a daily to do list to the bedside table to help me keep things on track.

So that's my improvised working corner, where I have been doing my posts from lately and will until my hunny gets the chance to build my desk for me.

What do you think of the corner?
Would you do something like that?


  1. This is a really lovely little and personal space. I'm very inspired x

  2. I have never thought of doing something like that, but this is cute. A very neat idea and a great use of space. You definitely found a way to work with what you got. :)

  3. Nice, I see you have positioned yourself next to a nice warm radiator!

  4. what a lovely little space it looks lovely x


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