The Love Pearl Necklace Kit - Finding your own pearl

A while ago I went to Bournemouth to have a bit of a holiday. There, hubby and I went to see the aquarium, where we bought something very different and very cool.

The Love Pearl. 

This was a cheap kit with a necklace and an oyster.
The fun part is you chose a kit without knowing what kind of pearl you will get, and you get to open your oyster yourself and find out!

Now, before I hear screams. No, the oyster is not alive. It is a dead oyster preserved in a container with liquid.
After you get the pearl out, you can put it in the necklace that came with it and wear as jewellery.

Why is it called The Love Pearl, here I quote what the manufacturer writes:

"There is an ancient island in the South sea which mysteriously produces countless Love Pearls, as many as snow flakes in a snow storm or stars in the sky.
Local elders claim that the pearls possess a magical gift, to make wishes come true but the pearls are difficult to find.

Only the bravest of the brave can dive to the ocean floor to search for the magic mussels containing the Love Pearl and only a few lucky divers find them.

As a symbol of love the brave diver gives the Love Pearl to the girl who means everything to him. She opens the mussel, takes out the Love Pearl and at that moment there is magic in the air and the girl should make a wish.

A Love Pearl is a gift of ever-lasting love and good fortune. A superb gift for girlfriends, wives, mothers, daughters and friends, an ideal way to show someone how much they mean to you."

Sweet, right?!
Now, I wondered, how are they selling this in bulk?
And this is what they say:

"Formed naturally, the Love Pearl is pure and naturally resourced. It takes 3 to 5 years in the mussel until the pearl is deemed ready for wearing. No two pearls are ever the same and your pearl is as unique as it is beautiful."

So yeah, they are not mussels that were fished out from the most difficult place on Earth as the story says. But I think the idea is beautiful, and to bring the idea of magic in our lives sometimes is not too bad.

The pearls have 5 hues of colours - peach, cream, white, gold and lavender. Each one is associated with a different benefit.
In my case I got the white pearl which brings positivity and energy.

It is beautiful and I think it is a very sweet gift that I got from my hubby.

Would you like to get something like this or give to someone?

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  1. It is a lovely necklace; I think most girls would be happy to have it :-)

  2. I've seen these in a few shops, I was tempted to by myself one, more for the mystery of opening the shell up, gorgeous!

  3. That's so cute, I think it's such a lovely idea for a present :)

  4. We got one of those kits for our wedding but we haven't peaked inside the oyster yet. Think will finally need to do that. All curious about our color now. See you at Blogtacular, Tobia

    1. Ah you must open it! and then let me know what colour you got.
      We got ours in our honeymoon. hehehehe
      That's so cool, can't wait to meet you in person!! See you there!


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