Review: Pluck & Lustre Candle

One of these days I was having a walk around bath centre and came across this cute little shop and decided to go in.
It had a gorgeous smell, and when I looked over I saw all these candles. So I decided to get one of the small ones and try it out.

They had many beautiful smells, but the one that called my attention the most was this one called "Relaxing"

The brand is Pluck & Lustre - natural wax.
Relaxing is a mix of Geranium, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Lavandin and Ylang Ylang.

On the box says:
"Natural plant wax candle. No animal or paraffin derived ingredients. Very clean burning. Low in soot."
It is hand made here in the UK, which is awesome, so a vegan candle, that doesn't harm and smells like heaven!

This little votive burns for approximately 30 hours, and it's holder is a cute little glass that you can use after the candle is done for pretty much anything.

This candle by no means is over powering in the smell, so if you want this small guy to smell up a huge room with windows open you won't manage. But for a bedroom, office, or whatever normal size room you will smell it when burning and lightly when it isn't.

The price is not bad either. For such an awesome candle, it cost £4.95.

They have a sweet website too where you can buy things online, go check it out.
PLUCK & LUSTRE's website.

This candle burns beautifully, so I totally recommend it. I also recommend checking out their other products!

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  1. I love lighting candles while taking a bath. Will definitely have to check out this brand further.

  2. I'm a big fan of candles, this sounds lovely and a bargain too! xx

  3. That candle looks lovely - it sounds like it smells amazing too.

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. These candles look great , great price too x


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