Review: OPA! - Meze Bar Restaurant in Bath

This is a gorgeous restaurant we found a while ago, tried it out and since then it has become one of our favourite restaurants.

They do Greek food in the best way possible.
The menu options are varied and everything you try will be glorious!

They have a very different atmosphere in there, it is a dark restaurant, but feels very cosy.
They play Greek music in the background, the tables have flowers and candles, the service treatment is absolutely perfect - they are fun, and will explain and receive you very nicely.

But most of all they have an awesome view.
There is an outside area where you can eat at tables, and barbecue like area, and there is even a smokers section over looking the river!
At the same time is a very romantic place, it is also very posh and elegant.

Amazingly enough, for all that you would think the restaurant is massively expensive, but IT IS NOT!!!
I know right?! It's not a cheap restaurant, don't get me wrong, but it is definitely an affordable treat!

They have a really pretty website too, so check it out to see even more about it on here.

Here are some pictures:

The woman's toilet is just so different. Glitter toilet!!!

Those are some food we have tried over there, not all of them, because we didn't take pictures every time, but when you are done, you also get a complementary shot of some alcoholic drink of theirs. Which is really cool!
*Hint - My biggest love there is the Feta Meli, you have to try out this feta cheese with honey and nuts! It is heaven on Earth.

 The inside of the restaurant, well just part of it.

This is the outside area! Beautiful  hey?!

So I hope you have enjoyed this, and totally reccomend if you stop by Bath, go to it!!!!

What do you think of the place? Do you like Greek food?

* This is not a sponsored post!


  1. What an amazing looking restaurant - and the food looks tasty too! I do like Greek cuisine - I remember eating so much Feta while on a Greek holiday with my parents (many years ago, now) that I couldn't face it again for years after! Thankfully that's now passed as I love it - and it's healthy too! I'll bookmark this post for when we next visit Bath :). Tx

  2. What a great place to sit and enjoy a meal. I've been meaning to get an air BnB for a few days in Bath, so I'll bookmark this.

  3. Ooo...greek food! 'salivating' ;) and glittery toilets. What's not to love!


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