Review: Aviatrix Red Jacket

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I must say I was deeply impressed with this!

My hubby bought this for me as a gift from and I was amazed with the price, quality and most of all the fitting!

Size wise, it felt like it was made for my body shape, it curved exactly where I have curves and it is not tight or loose anywhere.
My size jacket is Small and I usually wear size 8 / 10 depending on the cuts and if I'm bloated or not.
On the site, it said this was a good size for the 8's and 10's and they were absolutely right!

Price wise, for a 100% genuine leather, this was £ 64.99 - not expensive at all!!!
I will be honest I looked again online for it, you can still see it, but it is no longer in the promotion my hubby got it, still it is not a bad price. Check here for it.

Quality wise it is very nice and warm as you would expect from a leather jacket, but it is not as heavy. This is because it is sheep's leather.
When we got it, all we did was let it hang outside of the closet for a bit (about a week or so), so it could breathe. The typical leather smell was then much lesser to a point we could barely smell it, and now it would not stink up the closet. ;)

Now tell me, does it look cool?


  1. WOW your husband bought this on his own or did you drop a giant hint? If he did this on his own then please do a follow up post on 'how to get a man to buy you something uber stylish'.

    Great buy, jacket looks super cute on and the price is amazeballs.

    1. He bought it on his own, I will do a follow up yes, love the idea actually!
      Thank you for your comment!!!

  2. The jacket is great ! I adore the colour...and it looks fabulous on you !!
    What a thoughtful gift. :)


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