Man flu... Really?!

Now this is a post about cultural shock!

One of these days my hubby said to me he had the flu. So I tried helping him to get better, after a while it seemed odd that he was just not getting better and being more and more needy.

So I said   "We should go to the doctor because this is not going away!"
He said     "Don't worry, it's just man flu."
Me            "Man flu?"
Him          "Yes, the flu hits the man harder than it hits the woman."
Me            "Are you making this up? 
Him          "No, it is real. Man flu is a real thing."

Me, coming from Brazil, where flu is extremely common, and having never heard of such a thing, got intrigued. Is this maybe a kind of flu that England has that Brazil doesn't? Or, is he relying on a myth so I will continue pampering him?

I decided then, to do some research of my own, to see if there are scientific proof that this is real.

In this research I found 2 websites that support the Man Flu. One of them full of things to buy to make the man more comfortable - Manflu Limited - and one that gave information about it - Man Flu.

I read all of the informational website, and it is all written in a satire tone, but there was a part there that I think they pushed it:

"The pain and suffering of Man Flu is similar to that of child birth
TRUE - Though at least with child birth it's all done and dusted in a few hours, but Man Flu can last for weeks..." - Quote from

At this point I thought: You know what, if this is real, they are saying that oestrogen (woman's hormone) protects the women from the severity of this flu, while men because they are testosterone filled their immune systems are weaker. Ok, I can believe that, BUT...
How could anyone think it's ok to compare a flu, no matter how strong and awful it is to child birth!

Personally I have not given birth yet, but I have seen women give birth, and I have attended to them at this time, and yes, even though is a shorter period of pain than flu, the pain scores in child birth are much higher than 1 month of severe flu.
So that is when the website lost me!

I decided then to research the proper scientific background on this.
I found that there are a few studies trying to prove if man flu exists or not. Some of those researches only managed to prove that women are indeed stronger than men when it comes to immune system, that being part because of the exposures we have that men don't, and because of oestrogen.
It was also confirmed that at the moment women menopause they become like men with weaker immune system.

But the biggest study, the one that appeared in magazines, newspapers and the media in general, is a study that used mice and listeria to prove this. They injected half the mice with oestrogen and half with testosterone and gave both listeria. The result was that testosterone mice got sick while oestrogen mice didn't. 
That only proves what the other studies had said, that woman's immune system is stronger.
1st problem in this study is the test subjects - mice. Man flu is a HUMAN problem, so it will probably not be exactly the same for humans.
2nd problem is they were infected with listeria, which is a bacteria and not a virus. Flu is caused by a virus. So the reactions may be completely different.

So, yes men are weaker. Funny enough since they call women the fragile sex.
But man flu is not yet proved to be real.

My opinion in all this, we all get more needy at certain times. So just be honest to your partner and tell them "Hey, I'm feeling needy, don't know why, could you please give me extra attention?!"
I think all couples will be better off with that. ;)

Has your man said he has the man flu? 
Or if you are a man, have you said that to anyone before?


  1. Hahaha, man flu is like childbirth that part cracked me up, girl i do not even know if his had man flu before lol never noticed.

    1. Yep the childbirth part is the best!!! HAHAHAH

  2. I thought man flu was a global condition! When it hits here again, I'll mention men don't get it in Brazil :)

    1. From my research it says it's a UK thing. People out there have heard of it, but men only seem to complain about having it in the UK. HAHAHAH
      Yeah send them to Brazil!


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