How to get the best smokey eye look for your eye shape

I love smokey eyes. They suit people very well, and there are so many ways to do it, with so many different colours.

So I thought of writing a bit about the eye shape and how the smokey eye should be applied.

Prominent eyes

For those who have their eyes outwards.
These eyes are all about the thick eyeliners, and when doing the 3 shades, use the darkest colour on the centre of your eyes instead of the outer area, that way it will create an illusion of your eyes being deeper/

Deep set eyes

For those who have their eyes inwards.
You want to give an illusion of your brow bone being more retracted, by darkening that area, and give the feel of your eyes coming forward lighting it up. Use very light colour in the inner area of your eyes.

Up turned eyes

For the eyes that the outer corners stick up.
This is the easiest to do - emphasize the natural lift, just divide the lid in 2 sections and use the lighter colour on the inner area, and darker on the outer.

Down turned eyes

For the eyes that the outer corner go down.
You will want to lift your eyes up, so first don't smudge the liner on the lower lash line because it will drag it even more down, lift the corners with a bold cat eye, and when you blend the shadows, blend them up and out.

Wide set eyes

For those eyes that are further away from each other.
You want them to seem closer to each other, so blend the shadows inward, this way the inner part of your eyes will have a lot of colour - giving the feel of them closer.

Close set eyes

For those who have the eyes close to each other.
Stick with light colours on the inner corners of the eyes, going darker in the outer corners, also extend your dark shadow a bit after your eye it will give the illusion they are further apart.

Hooded eyelids

For those who have the fallen eyelids.
Do not use dark shadows all over the lids, it will just make you look tired, use light colours to lighten the lid area that is closest to the eyelashes - this gives the illusion of more open eyes.

Monolid eyes

For those who have smooth lids.
You want to create the illusion of shade and folds on your eyelids, so from the eyelashes use the darkest colour or a dark eyeliner and layer the next colours getting lighter as it goes up - like an ombre effect.

Now that we have talked a lot about smokey eyeshadow, what about a simple tutorial for a smokey everyday look?
This is a Coral Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial, that is easy and you can pretty much follow along with me.

I hope you enjoy it!
Do you like doing smokey eye, what are your favourite colour combinations?


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